Friday, March 19, 2010

Trapped in the Library

I have been here since 10am and will probably be here until class begins. Property is still the bane of my existence and makes me want to drop out of school every time I set foot in the classroom. Torts tends to be my saving grace and pulls me back off of the ledge. This weekend will be fun filled with outlining, Ireland v. Scotland rugby match, reading for next week and more outlining. There are only 6 weeks until my FIRST EXAM! The reality is beginning to frighten me.

I met with the people at the firm I will be working at this summer. They all seems really, really nice and can't wait to have me there. The office is pretty small and I met everyone other than the partner in the office and a couple of other people. Everyone seemed pretty shocked that I wanted to be there in the summer, but happy to help me figure out if that's where I want to begin my career. I definitely do, well as of now I do. It will so be interesting to do a test run of actual married life while working. Prior to law school my job consisted of me watching for 5 hours a day. It wasn't exactly taxing and I always got home before Liam. I imagine I'll be working some late nights and have actual work to do. This should be interesting, although Liam has mentioned he's looking forward to having dinner ready for me when I get home. I look forward to it as well!

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