Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{PP} Bloodwork done!

I finally got a call back from my student health center Dr. about my blood work. They said it would be 1 week. I started calling them at about 1.5 weeks after and finally this week I had to walk over there and get the number of the Dr. to leave a voicemail message for him to call me back. The whole student health center thing is a huge maze of answering machines that you leave messages on and then they don't return your calls. When you do actually speak to someone and tell them what you want they immediately transfer you to an ANSWERING MACHINE! I sure hope that the OB/GYNs office is a bit better about answering the phone and getting back in a timely manner.

Now I can officially officially say, I'm pregnant. I've got all of my immunities, yay Rubella! We also don't have to worry about any Rh immunity stuff, since I'm a freaking universal recipient! AB+, awesomeness! There are 2 more weeks until my first Dr. appt and Liam will be by my side, which is always a great thing. I'm sure it will just be a lot of paperwork questions and probably more blood work, but it's still exciting.

On the actual business of being pregnant, things are mostly normal. I am nauseous on occasions, usually when I'm hungry. Some things do turn my stomach, tuna fish, the thought of most fried food as well at gooey things. There are times when I'm tired, really tired, like I could sleep for an entire 19 hours tired. Other than these few things, and my missed periods I don't really feel that pregnant. We'll see how long that lasts.

By the way, did you know that the uterus grows to 1,000x it's normal size during the course of pregnancy. 1,000x! I don't think I needed to know that.

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