Thursday, April 22, 2010

{PP} Great News!

Liam and I went to the doctor on Tuesday...

YAY!! Although it is a bit premature to go shouting from the rooftops, I just couldn't help it anymore. I'm 8 weeks along and the due date is November 30th. It's amazing what seeing a tiny little bean on a screen with a flickering heartbeat will do to you. Liam spend the whole time staring intently at the nurse practitioner. I told him after our appointment, he looked like he might jump up and punch her at any moment. He then informed me that that was his intently listening face. I guess now I know that he's never listening that intently to anything I say. If that's the face it requires, I'm glad.

Our appointment was 3 hours long from start to finish. Called into the office 45 minutes after appointment time and then another hour and a half waiting to get blood taken in the lab surrounded by people hacking up all kinds of good stuff. I just wish the woman taking my blood there could always take my blood. She was a pro, no pain, no muss no fuss. The last person who took my blood rendered my arm useless for about 24 hours. The next appointment is in 5 weeks instead of 4 weeks because I won't be here then. All in all she was a really great nurse practitioner and I'll be meeting with her next time, which is great. Nothing has really changed since the visit, I'm chowing down on my Flintstone chewable vitamins, sleeping and trying not to puke.

Life for Liam's a little bit different. Having a front row seat to the sonogram really got him going. He's a worrier when it comes to me and it was nice to give him some peace of mind. After the visit, Liam picked up the Expectant Father from B&N and is basking in his virility. I think he's at least a tiny bit more excited about getting me pregnant than me being pregnant.

NOTE: I have a bunch of back posts that I'll be posting now that the cat's out of the bag.


  1. Congrats!! I love the basking in his virility line - JP did the same thing, they're so proud.

  2. Thanks all!

    LL - They are so proud, I had no idea it would make him so proud. He does the congratulatory clasping of his hands on either side of his head whenever he tells anyone. I just shake my head.