Friday, April 9, 2010

LRW final underway!

It begins today. I have also officially been approved for a transfer to the full-time program. Registration has also begun and I'll be able to take the classes I want for next semester, hopefully! I registered for summer courses, so that's one less thing to have to worry about. In addition to my firm job, I was looking to work at a non-profit for the weeks I'm in here, but wouldn't you know it..they are full up. I can't even give my services away, the main reason, deferred associates are looking for non-profit work to do over the summer. Boo for them ruining my trying-to-help-people objective and screwing up my resume goodness. Oh well, it will just have to wait until pro bono work once I get a job. Other than that, things are going along swimmingly. I have a friend in town this weekend, but I already warned her, she will see me after I've put in at least 6 hours in the library working on my brief. She's cool with that, so we're good. Then it's just working on outlining and the end of the semester will be here before I know it. THANK GOD!

I just keep telling myself, only 66 more weeks of this and I'm done. I just have to get through 70 weeks of class and exams and I can never go back to school again. Is it too early into all of this for me to be thinking this way? Maybe, but that's what I'm working with. Liam is here in a week and I need to be super productive before he gets here...back to work!


  1. Congrats on the transfer to FT! You actually applied for MORE law school? :)

  2. Well more school over a shorter period of time. 2 more years instead of 3!