Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Realizing something after more than a decade

Last night I watched the last 30 min of Mask. I have seen this movie about 8 times in parts, if not in it's entirety. Spoiler if you haven't seen it, but come on, it came out in 1985! I just realized, after maybe 10-15 years, that Rocky didn't kill himself. For years I have thought he took the drugs his mom had left over and OD'ed b/c his girlfriend was moving away and his motorcycle trip across Europe was canceled. It wasn't until I watched it last night that I realized that he died in his sleep and his mom looked into her little drug stash b/c she was tempted after kicking the habit. I had always heard that it was an uplifting story and I never figured it out. How can a story be uplifting when the main character kills himself, oh wait, he didn't!

I equate this to singing a song all your life and then finding out that the lyrics you have been singing are COMPLETELY WRONG! I'm usually pretty good at the lyrics, except for Yellow Ledbetter, but not even Pearl Jam knows the lyrics. Everyone has these brain fart moments and the reveal is such an a-ha moment. Speaking of brain farts, who almost poured a nice cup of bleach into a big ol washer full of colors. That would be me! I think I'm shunting too much brain power into school work. As long as I don't walk into traffic for the next 16 days, I'm golden. Come on clarity and not getting myself maimed!


  1. Ha ha ha- I thought you were talking about The Mask with Jim Carrey- what a difference one word makes. I didn't realize until three years after I saw Sixth Sense that the main character was actuall dead!

  2. I also thought "The Mask", and then "Whaaat? Rocky non-sequitor?" Doh.

  3. Glad you both realized that I was not insane!
    Cee - Love it! Did you fall asleep during the last 5 minutes?