Saturday, April 24, 2010

Registering for next year

It's that time of year again. My favorite time of year, pre-registration! When I was in undergrad, this was always one of my favs. It meant the current year was coming to an end and the following year was full of so many possibilities. Once classes started I realized that was all crap, but it was fun to dream for a bit.

My current registration plan is choosing classes are short courses that end by October 30th. I have enough to fill most of my requirements w/ the exception of Corps. I'll have to miss the last few weeks of that course and put off my exam for a while, due to our eventual bundle of joy. I also have to register for next spring as well. I have managed to choose courses that begin after spring break 2011. This was so I would have 3 months w/ Liam and the little one before returning Stateside in March. I'm hoping pulling off 2 months of school with the help of a babysitter/nanny and intermittent visits from Liam. Taking a semester off for me really doesn't seem that feasible because I'm more than a little bit afraid I might not go back. I want to rip this band-aid off quickly.

Other than pre-registration, outlining and crazy exam studying is absorbing my life, as it should. There are 19 days until I am finished with 1L and off to the exciting world of write on, summer classes and firm internship. Oy!

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