Monday, April 19, 2010

Wonderful Anniversary

Liam has arrived and we just spend a wonderful weekend in NYC. We also exchanged gifts, well he gave me his and I showed him what he would eventually be. He put together a great picture book printed through Apple of our travels in the first year or so we were dating. And I did a comic book of the exact same thing. Great minds think alike or we just couldn't think of anything better for the paper anniversary. He also bought me a really cute cotton top, since cotton is the traditional gift for the first anniversary in Ireland.

Our weekend in NYC started off grand with a 3 hour delay in our train to the big city. Instead of getting in at 12, we got in at 3am. Our poor friends who were meeting up with us there stayed up in the hotel bar until 2:30 until they finally called it quits. These two included Greg, great friend from Dublin, and his girlfriend Karen. These two are so cute. Unfortunately they were also planning on leaving today to go back to Dublin...volcano calling...not going to happen. These two love birds are stuck in NY until Friday. It's not the worst place in the world to be stranded, but living a vacationers lifestyle in the city for a week longer than you intended would be a shocker for anyone. The entire weekend everyone ate way too much, drank way too much (not me) and pretty much promised that the next day they would be much better and not indulge at all. Ha! Like that was ever going to happen.

We ate at an American tapas restaurant, which had amazingly delicious food at ridiculously expensive prices. Liam and I kept justifying it by saying that it was our anniversary weekend. I submitted my LRW paper after rereading it about 80 times. It felt weird submitting it early, like I was going to screw something up. I didn't at least as far as I know.

3 more finals to go...

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  1. This sounds a lot like my day on the train today coming from West Palm Beach to Miami. Due to mechanical problems, it took me 4 hours to make it 70 miles. Hope you guys have fun in NYC.