Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby Shower

My family is dead set on one. Can't I just have people give me the presents without the party? I don't like being the center of attention. I didn't have a bridal shower, I did have a bachelorette party where I promptly fell asleep on a row of chairs at the restaurant/club while wearing my Miss America sash and sparkly veil. Large parties with my family tend to involve my great aunts making lesbian jokes at my expense, even more hilarious now that I'm married. My 30 "cousins" under the age of 10 will run amok until someone starts crying and I'll end up trying to leave early. I can't even drink to stop the insanity this time, but I guess that's family.

The newest plan on the agenda is moving out of my current place. My father and brother have volunteered to come down here and take all of my stuff back to their house. This will be my 9th move in 8 years. I am looking forward to graduation for so many reasons and another one I can add to my list is NOT moving for at least 8 YEARS. We love our current house and we're making all kinds of improvements, including walling in the back area of our living room/tv room/dining room. It will serve as a downstairs baby room during those first months in case I'm not stairs ready after Z is born. The other reason we love it is that neither one of us want to leave. As long as it doesn't catch on fire or start collapsing around us, we're staying.


  1. I HATE being the center of attention as well. I totally did not look forward to my baby showe at all- but I did want presents. We ended up having a co-ed family bbq shower and it turned into a mini family reunion so the attention was diverted off me a bit. Just like your wedding, your babyshower is kinda done for the benefit of other people- but try to enjoy it or sneak away for a "nap!"

  2. I felt the same way about the baby shower. But at least it's not as bad as a wedding shower, when it's all about you and you're unwrapping your new bath towel set and holding it up to show everybody.