Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buying Baby Stuff

Today Liam and I bought a boatload of baby stuff on We know we are going to get gifts, but having the baby abroad means that the logistics of getting all that stuff to the actual baby are going to be hard. Between my family and friends I have no idea when people will be giving us stuff and if we will even be able to take it with us. We're taking 4 huge suitcases with us this summer to help set up Z's room. We have a crib sans mattress and that's about it in the house. We're going to buy a rocking chair w/ foot rest, dresser, changing table top for dresser, car seat, moses basket, bouncy chair and wardrobe there. The items we bought: Johnson & Johnson baby bath starter kit, onesies, mittens, receiving blankets, newborn caps, burp cloths, baby first aid kit, one Layette set, one super cute frog hooded towel and wash cloths, and socks. Nothing too crazy, but a little bit to get us started. I'm going to try to convince my mother to have a baby shower sooner rather than later, so I don't have to lug all this stuff from her house to school and then to Liam. I'd rather not, especially when I'm 36 weeks and hopping on a plane.

I'm starting a registry or I'll just start buying things myself. Any suggestions? Anything that's a must have? The nursery is pretty much a giant tan square without any furniture.


  1. 1. Swaddles. Helps the baby sleep because otherwise they startle themselves awake a lot.
    2. Sleep sacks - so you don't have to worry about him covering his head with a blanket.
    3. I don't know your plans, but we always knew we'd have at least two kids. Now we're shopping for a double stroller, and we found a fab one from Phil and Ted's that can be a single stroller for newborn, single for toddler, double for toddler+newborn, or double for two toddlers. I wish we'd bought it at first, because now we're going to end up with four strollers (newborn single, toddler single, jogger single, and now this double). Just something to consider.
    4. Boppy or a similar pillow. Whether you nurse or bottle feed, it's nice to have to prop your arms while feeding, and you can also park the baby in it.
    5. Don't buy too many newborn sized diapers. Liam is 12 days old and has already grown out of them and into size 1s. Ditto with newborn clothes!

  2. Thanks for the tips Gillian.
    Hey Butterflyfish, my doctor has said as long as things stay uncomplicated I can fly then. The airline I'll be taking will let you fly up until the end of the 35th week. So technically I'll be flying at 35wk 6d. My doctor just said she'll see me the day before I fly and do the medical records hand-off. Since I plan on delivering abroad, she's fine with my flying that late. The big fear is delivering somewhere you don't want to be, but since I want to be there, no worries. Trust me it's been an ordeal to find out if this would be doable!

  3. Hi Izzie,
    I remember being totally overwhelmed by the stuff there is to buy for a newborn. LL and CM both wrote good lists and I wrote down mine too. Here is the link
    Looking back on it now, I would do things a little differently. My biggest advice would be to wait to buy as much as possible until you'll actually use it. You'll have a much better idea of what you and your baby like and what you really need.
    And I enthusiastically second Gillian on pretty much everything. Timmy wore size 1 diapers in the hospital and wore size 9 month clothes at 3 months. Don't overbuy, you can always go back and get more (and will want to anyway).