Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Family time

I'm trying to figure out what to get my little sister for her high school graduation. All I wanted was money when I graduated. As a saver there couldn't be a better gift and my family is not that great at giving useful gifts. I got a lot of crap that's still sitting in my mom's garage. Does a new college student really need a foot warmer or something else rummaged from the back of the gift closet?

Oh crap, Izzie's graduating, ummmm how about these plastic hair bonnets for when it rains!

I have been the victim of bad regifting, which is why I would like to give her something useful. My sister is not a saver, she has never had a job and thinks that she should be given just about everything under the sun: trip to Paris, car, new laptop, new ipod, and money. Money would probably end up buying jeans instead of books and I would not be happy about that. It's really amazing how different siblings can be. Liam and I may spring for a netbook, since she will actually need/use/take care of that.

Great for Dads and Grads, such a wonderful time of year!

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