Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Family

I'm visiting the family. 2 of my sisters are graduating from HS this week, so it's a bit busy. Every time I come back this place still stays the same. My sister is very excited for her graduation. DH and I are getting her an iPod touch as a present. She has one, but it's being held together with tape, so it's probably best to invest in a case as well.

All of my other siblings can't believe I'm still in school. A direct quote was, "You can't still be in school, you're a grown up!" I wish this were true, but after two more years it certainly will be. Everything is always so hectic when I'm here. My family is huge and everyone is close by meaning that they all want to be seen. Squeezing all of this into a few days isn't exactly relaxing, but it has been fun hanging out with my brothers and sisters because they are all growing up so fast. They are also very excited about becoming aunts and uncles. I'm sure the baby will expect a lot of great presents from the whole family as s/he gets older.

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