Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm so over this heat!

It has been completely unbearable. I have enclosed myself indoors except for the time I'm walking to the grocery store, class, gym, or to get some ice cream. I am instantly soaking wet with sweat the minute I walk out the door. I never really thought of myself as an insanely sweaty person, but now feel like I should just dump a bucket of salt water on myself before I leave the house. People on the streets look at me like a consumption victim of the deep south in the 1900s, wiping myself down with hankies as I walk. At least this provides an excuse for staying inside when it's nice and cool. This also means I'm generally sitting on my ass all day, which isn't the best plan either.

One thing that has kept me busy is packing up my place. My dad's family is going to come down next month to load everything up and take it to his house. Most items are being put into giant plastic containers and a few boxes. Other than that I only have one large comfy chair, sofa, dining room table and chairs, a small book case, tv/tv stand, and my bed. Since I won't be doing any heavy lifting I'm trying to make this as easy as possible. I'm also cleaning the bathroom, washing my hair and doing dishes like crazy to get rid of all of the household supplies I have on hand. Nothing worse than packing a half empty bottle of shampoo and I feel guilty throwing it away. I'm looking forward to the visit, it will be the first one my dad's whole family will have made to visit me. Here's to me having it all done by the time they get here! Let's just hope my dad is able to finish the basement apartment Z and I are supposed to be staying in during spring semester. If it isn't finished we'll have to rent an apartment and that will most definitely make me happy. Since my father has never had the track record of being reliable in his promises, we'll be sure to have the savings ready for an apartment just in case. Oh the joys of family!

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  1. Good luck with packing! i remember being sweaty a lot when I was pregnant. But it was nothing compared to the night sweats you get after pregnancy- that was miserable! I used to have to change my night shirt three times a night and my own sweat would wake me up constantly- ewww!