Monday, June 7, 2010


On campus interviews, early interview week, whatever you call it, it's all I can think about right now. My friend H at Michigan is trying to narrow down his cities and has decided on DC. DC is a great town and totally up his alley, BigLaw, politics, and lots of other friends here. I, on the other hand, am all over the place. In an ideal world, I'll be able to get an SA in the office I'm working in this summer. If they aren't able to pull together a program in time for me to do that or I royally screw up this summer, then I need to think of alternatives. The cities I'm looking into are: London, Philly, DE, and DC. I've pretty much taken New York out of the running. It's far from family and I'm not really familiar with the city, so I would prefer to either be closer to Liam or in places I know a bit about. There is a lot to take into account knowing that I will have a 6 month old and possibly living on my own. A little scary, but the thought of not needing to take out loans for 3L makes both Liam and I very happy.

Outside of actually choosing what firms to bid for, there is the fear of the actual interviews. Tens of interviews, possibly multiples per day, in the summer heat, while 6 months pregnant is a bit daunting. I have talked about my previous lack of interview skills. I haven't ever interviewed for a serious job. They have also all been in education. Even my interview for my current job was with a person that wrote their email using "R u," instead of "Are you." That certainly took the pressure off. On campus interviewing will be hardcore, tiring, walking up and down the hallways of a hotel, make sure I don't spill anything on me the whole time, craziness. And I need to find a suit! All of that said, I'm looking forward to this whole process. It's definitely ripping the band-aid off of actual professional interviews. What I'm not so sure about are call backs. Not to say that I'm going to get any, but when the hell do these things happen! Doesn't seem like there is much time.

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