Sunday, June 13, 2010

Short Circuit 2

I still can't watch the scene where he gets beat up near the end without tearing up. I think my 80s nostalgia is kicking in with all of the remakes going on lately. I refuse to watch the new Karate Kid. Really? 9 year olds beating each other bloody? No thanks. The A-Team was actually a pleasant surprise. My friend and I wanted to see a movie and everything out either sucked or one of us had seen it already. So the A-Team was our only option. It was actually very good. The comedy was great, the action was fun if edited a bit too haphazardly, but really fun. And I really want to see more of Sharlto Copley from District 9. If you haven't seen District 9, please do. He improved all of his lines in the entire film and his accents are great in the A-Team.

So back to Short Circuit, not exactly what you would call a tear jerker, but it's just the king of random thing that makes me blubber. Most of my friends do not cry in movies, I can tear up or full blown cry at the drop of a hat. My Girl, Short Circuit 2, Lion King (I have to leave the room and my 7 yr old sister calls me in when the Musafa part is over), P.S. I Love You (terrible movie, but I still cry), A Walk to Remember, and the list goes on and on. I do find it every interesting that I cry almost never in real life, but watching a movie it's like Niagara Falls. Now it has even made the transition to commercials. For now, I'm just going to blame it on the pregnancy.


  1. Ha... I just wrote a post about random tears too. 'Course you have an excuse. The Lion King makes me cry every time too. Oh, and My Girl. So saaaaaaad!