Wednesday, June 2, 2010


My favorite summer pasttime has finally started. I still remember coming back from a late night as work during undergrad to my roach infested townhouse, turning on the TV and zoning out to So You Think You Can Dance. I lived with 4 guys, one that dipped and a girl, who never cleaned any of her dirty dishes that lived in the same kitchen with many of the roaches. SYTYCD was always to much fun. I started watching Season 2 and my favorite couple was Benji and Donyelle. I loved Donyelle, she was soo amazingly awesome! It's such a fun show and super enjoyable to watch people do things that I could never imagine doing, like pirouettes. Love those things!

I had another prenatal appointment today. It took all of 10 minutes. At least 6 of those minutes were spent weighing my over and over on different scales and with and without my shoes because I lost 6 pounds. They didn't seem too concerned and just said it keep an eye out for what I'm eating. Honestly, I thought I had gained at least 10 lbs, particularly from all of the restaurant food Liam and I ate. After a bit of searching the doctor was able to find Z with the doppler. If we hadn't had the sonogram last week I would have freaked out a bit, but I knew Z was a mover and a shaker. She stated that Z was on the move and that I should be able to feel that movement soon. I'm so excited for that, but I'm sure once I'm being kicked in the ribs, and other internal organs I won't be so happy. My mother, being her usual helpful self, noted that lots of movement before birth may mean lots of movement, agitation and general restlessness once the baby is born. She stated that the baby would probably be like me and want to be fed every 1.5 hours and I would get no sleep. Her little gems of information are really helping me with my pregnancy and child rearing fears. At least I'll have Liam and a squadron of SAHMs with all of their kids in school in our compound to help me out. They all have the baby bug, so I'm hoping that will lend itself to lots of help for me while Liam's at work after the first 3 weeks or so.

At the doctor's, I also broached the topic of flying at the end of my 35 weeks and she was totally fine with it. As long as everything stays uncomplicated and the airline is on board, she's fine with flying that late. Since the plan is to be with Liam for the birth, I know about the facilities and that's where we will be living, it makes sense for everything to happen there. I'm still super nervous about the whole childbirth and raising a child thing, but that comes and goes as the days go by.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, my little sister moved constantly while my mom was pregnant with her, but once she was born she slept all the time and was generally an easy baby. So you won't necessarily have a handful just because your baby moves now. Good luck with the baby!

  2. Thanks for the words of comfort Amanda! I'm pretty much going to stop asking my mom about anything that any of my siblings or I did when we were infants. I was there when the younger ones were born and at least 15 for the last 3 and I don't remember it being as horrible as she's suddenly making it seem.