Friday, July 9, 2010

Bilingual, Trilingual, whatever it takes

My obsession with languages hasn't faded. I've also hooked Liam. He's been taking German and trying to get back his Irish. My German is back to being atrocious after taking it for nearly 7 years. I have been listening to a lot of German radio, which unfortunately mainly plays US music and other podcasts. At one point I was nearly fluent, well not so much anymore. I haven't actually spoken it in 4 years. My French was much more sporadic, I took it for 2 years in HS/MS, with at least 3 years in between. I took it for a year in college. After that I studied it for a few months here and there while I was working. My love of German does not extend to french for some reason. As for my Irish, I can say incredibly useful things like, the women are swimming and they are police officers. That said, I'm still better than hubby and he was forced to study it for at least 13 years.

Our goal is for Z to speak more than one language. I would love English, German, Arabic, and French to be languages Z was familiar with and be a native speaker of English and one other language. This probably won't happen, unless I'm really diligent about speaking to Z only in German or whatever language we choose, but I don't think my skills are as broad as they would need to be for that. We're all for learning Irish during summers in Ireland and at summer camp and such. Not many people actually speak Irish, but my SIL does fluently and she'll be teaching her son. It would be great for Z and cousin T, 7 months older, to be able to speak to each other in Irish. When I'm back with Liam before Z is born, I'm going to be doing a lot of tidying up, being bored, reading up for the class I have left at the end of the semester and I'll try to squeeze in some language classes. Multilingual household here we come!

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