Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Enjoy the Void

My time off has been completely and totally devoid of anything even remotely productive. Well other than learning to make pie crust. Score!! I made quiche last night and Liam has requested I put it on my awesome-foods-I-can-make list. I wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. Keeping everything super cold is a challenge here, even with an AC unit blasting right next to me and taking everything directly out of the fridge, but I managed. It was a delicious onion, turkey bacon, and tomato one with a bit of parsley. Other than meal planning and doing laundry, I've been napping. As everyone keeps telling me, enjoy this time. There will never be free time like this again without any responsibility or worry about Z/other kids once they arrive. I'm taking that advice to heart and plan on doing nothing! Although I might bake come chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Yeah, definitely going to have to make some of these. Bakearella has an awesome recipe and I'm sure mine won't look as good as her's, but I'll sure try. The great bug massacre went well, so I can now fully take advantage of the kitchen. We cleaned out the cupboards, threw out things that were not salvageable, wiped down the shelves, add a little Raid. Then hubby caulked the hell out of the inside, closing it off and then we recleaned the inside. After all of that everything has been transferred into sealable plastic containers. These damn bugs will not get the best of ME! Everything will be orderly and not walk out of the kitchen via bug power.

I'm also wrestling with the A/C here. I had central air back in my apartment. We only have wall units here. The one in our bedroom is right across from the bed. Liam is always boiling when we go to bed. I'm always freezing and completely cocooned in the comforter. This mean crazy dry air and a bloody nose. For a few min I was freaked out that it was a symptom of DVT from my long flight, but apparently then I would only be coughing up blood, not when I blow my nose. We're thinking of borrowing our friend's humidifier from their kid's room. The family (sans Husband) is gone for 2 months to the UK. If that doesn't work, I may have to move to one of the other bedrooms, which would suck.

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