Monday, July 26, 2010

F*cking Gulf!

The thing about living in the Middle East is it's hot. I don't mean East Coast heat wave hot, I mean, everyday you feel like your skin may melt off hot. Glasses fog up when people walk outside, you are immediately saturated with humidity when you leave the house and nothing really stays fresh. Case in point. I'm off of work this week and decided to write out a menu of yummy things I would like to cook this week. An amazingly huge box of Betty Crocker blueberry muffin mix that makes 54 was on sale at the grocery store for $3. It always seems like it's one extreme or the other. You find something amazing that you've been craving for $1 or it's $20. I'm glad it was on the low end. I really want to work on my pie making skills. I have only made one pie in my entire life. Liam and I made an apple pie for Thanksgiving with store bought dough. It was yummy, but I want to learn how to make it on my own. So I buy the shortening for $10, unsalted butter, and all of the other ingredients. Muffins were made this morning. I go to reach for the flour to start my pie crust and BUGS!

Oh did I not mention that this is another problem with this place...ants and little bugs are all over. We have been investing in plastic sealed containers. I love these containers. We have them in all different sizes for many different types of items from cereal, cookies, sugar, etc. Looks like we need to invest in more for pretty much everything. The only items saved from the cupboard was the rice and the sugar. Both were in sealed snappy plastic containers. The flour was not so lucky. Unfortunately, Liam thought that plastic bags would be enough to protect the flour.
It wasn't. So now we're going to have a quicheless dinner, sadness. I'll try again tomorrow with new flour and armed with plastic containers. The tiny mini super small ants have pretty much been banished during my last visit, but now there is a new foe. I hate to use Raid, especially in the kitchen, but sometimes it must be done. I would pretty much prefer that these things showed up anywhere other than the kitchen, but it's just wishful thinking. It could be worse. A couple we know had roaches pouring out of their AC unit above the TV. These weren't like little suckers either. They were about the size of half a dollar bill. Talk about panic attack. I'll take tiny ants over roaches any day. If the kitchen starts to look like something out of Sleeping with the Enemy it's only because we would like to protect our sometimes incredibly expensive food investments, not because Liam is a psycho control freak. If anything I am for making him go to the store day after day when I realize I've forgotten something for dinner. But this is the price to pay for delicious food! ;)

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