Sunday, July 11, 2010

Law School? What's that?

I know this blog is supposed to be about law school, but I've been a bit distracted lately. So EIW(Early Interview Week)/OCI(On Campus Interviewing) is in August. Bidding for firms is due soon. I'm not totally finished with that, but I'm close. I'm still hoping that I won't need to go through with it, but I must be prepared. There are so many firms, so many choices and it can be a bit daunting. Not that lots of firms will do any better of a job of getting me a job than say throwing my resume out of my window, if you listen to all of the news that's out there!

Optimism is something I'm shooting for, but also with a nice helping of realism. I can't depend on it to find me a job, hell most people can't with this crazy economy, but here's to beating the odds. It seems like everyday there is more horrible news about the economy. I'm trying to keep it all in perspective, but no one likes to hear that the profession they are about to enter into is undergoing the biggest decrease in work/increase in professionals ever. Well I guess I can start worrying after this summer is over and really start worrying if nothing has panned out by the end of the fall. But I'm guessing I'll have a lot bigger worries, like raising a newborn w/ my wonderful husband!

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