Monday, July 12, 2010

Moving Soon

And I'm going to end up doing half of it myself. My father and brother are coming down to move out the big furniture and store it at their house. They will be arriving at probably 7pm. Then we are all driving back to his house. I'm driving my dad's car and he's driving the UHaul. The UHaul needs to be picked up by 1. I have never driven a large truck before and I'm petrified. I don't have to drive it far, but still...a little scary. After I pick it up I have to park it near my building and this poses a problem because parking is notoriously terrible. Once I get the truck here I'll start moving the small stuff I can carry on my own/with a dolly/push down the hall. My mattress, sofa, dining room table and dresser will be up to my dad and brother to move. The reason I intend on moving things myself is I don't want to leave here at 9 and have to drive his car fro 3 hours in the dark, get to his house at 12am or 1am. Not my idea of a great time, but it must be done and other than paying for the truck it's free, so I can't complain too much, well anymore than I've complained already. DH is happy about the move taking place before he gets here, but he also doesn't know I intend on moving things. I think he would freak out a bit if he knew I was going to be lifting things, but what he doesn't know won't hurt him. Well as long as I don't slip a disc or fall down or something, we'll both be fine, if I do I'll milk the sympathy, to dodge the disapproval. Yay for sleeping on an air mattress for the next week. I'm trying to be enthusiastic here.

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