Monday, July 19, 2010

Must give a shout out

to my husband. A big decade birthday has just passed and he's really been a trooper. I'm moody, tired, can't seem to regulate my body temperature and have the emotional life cycle of a goldfish. Cooking, cleaning, carrying, and just being awesome in general is his usual state, but about now it's even more appreciated. I never have to ask for a foot rub and sometimes have to kick him away to stop from getting one. His pasta is the best and it really sucks that I don't get this treatment all the time. Being together for the longest we've been together in over a year is certainly going to be a treat. Since I'm not big into spending when I'm not bringing in money I cute out tens of shapes that had some significance in our relationship and wrote different things I loved about him. He was tickled by this, as well as the He reads this blog, so I know he'll love the shout out as another belated birthday present.

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