Thursday, July 8, 2010

{PP} It's all lies!

There is no second trimester burst of energy. No matter what I do I'm tired. 10 hours of sleep at night, 8 hours of sleep, 6 hours of sleep, I still need at least 2 naps during the day. Exercise in the morning, maybe the afternoon is better, hmm how about at night, no change. Go for a long walk, sit in the house like a veal. Still ready to pass out at 10am and 2pm. Other than that I'm thoroughly enjoying feeling the little one moving around now. I mean full on headbutts, karate kicks and kick boxing.

All of our super fun baby basics have arrived and I'm trying not to open them all. They will be great fun for washing when we get all this home, so I must keep myself from opening every single package. We may even hold off on having a baby shower until we're all back in the US together in January. This will stop my whole family from complaining that they can't buy us anything until they know the sex and we'll see how quickly this kid is going to grow. I'm a bit worried about that one. I went from being a cute little 7lb newborn to hitting 80% on weight and 99% on height pretty quickly. All of this newborn stuff might only get us home from the hospital. My aunt (uncle's wife only 5 yrs older than me) is also due about a week before me and she's having a girl. Everyone has already started buying her little pink outfits and shoes. I think part of the reason I'm so against finding out the sex is I don't want a room full of pink clothes or a trunk full of blue. People can buy me pink and blue and we'll dress Z in it. Pink was actually considered a masculine color up until the 30s. That's not to say we'll be forcing our girl to wear overalls and play with firetrucks or our boy to dress up like a pretty pretty princess, but I'm certainly not going to start force feeding gender stereotypes from birth. I'm sure Z will be exposed to the opposite from the beginning, particularly if Liam gets his way and he gets to be a stay at home dad after I'm working a few years. I don't want to ruin the picture he has of being a SAHD: make the kids some food, put them to sleep, 3 hours a day of golfing. I'll just let that one slide until he's had his first whole week alone with Z without me and we'll see if he's still clamoring for the position.

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