Monday, August 9, 2010

2L Summer

So the firm I'm at this summer will not have an actual summer program next year. At least it's looking highly unlikely. This means that I actually have to participate in and try my best to impress at OCI. I've already sent out a bunch of resumes and cover letters to other firms not participating, but I might send a few more. I'm not that stressed about this the whole thing. My choices are limited and that is taking the pressure off. I'm going to have an 8 month old child in toe while participating in a summer program. I need to be in places with family or good friends. This puts me in about 5 places and focusing there will help this not feel overwhelming. I'm still hoping that the firm might pull something together, but having other options isn't a bad thing.

Other than that, we are no going to be going to IKEA this weekend! After our big baby store deal find, we were able to find dressers and wardrobes for all of the bedrooms, so there isn't really a need. We can find a sofa bed/daybed for the den at some point over the next 4 months. This means that we can just hang at home, go to a fancy dinner (had our first date there), get in some painting time and maybe visit some of our neighbors.

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