Saturday, August 21, 2010

Don't want to go

I just checked in online. After 5 weeks together I really don't want to leave. We're back in our groove, feeling like this is real life again. Now it all comes to a screeching halt and I have to leave. Over 10 weeks apart. I honestly have no idea how military families do it and with the added anxiety over being in mortal danger. Knowing Z is coming soon, knocking out this new semester and being halfway through law school is helping, but not enough. I had one of those awkward crying in the car moments yesterday. Liam kept saying people were going to think he was beating me! I mean this was ugly crying. We had just gone to the grocery store, he ran in to get potatoes for the steak we had at home. It all just felt so real and normal and then I realized that the day after tomorrow it wouldn't. I'll get over it and once I'm back in the swing of things everything will be fine, but right now it blows!


  1. I can't imagine, as I'm single and not pregnant, but this sounds incredibly tough, hang in there though. With law school you know, the 10 weeks will likely fly by, at least last year it felt like it did. Good luck!

  2. It's going to suck, I'm sure. I'm hoping law school will be a great distraction for you. The motivation to get as much done before the end of pregnancy can really help you stay on top of your classes from the beginning. I took my last final at 38 weeks, and it was so great to leave that exam and just be excited to have a baby rather than stressing over what grades you'll get.