Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Early Interview Week

It's kicking my a**! I am so incredibly tired. Walking around in real shoes that are not sneakers or flip flips is taking it's toll. I'm hoping this doesn't show through in my interviews. I am also finally dealing with some pregnancy pain, other than heartburn. Walking/jogging/running has become increasingly difficult. This was brought to my attention yesterday when speed walking for a bus. I'm going to need to do more pelvic floor exercises, ewwwww I know, with my trainer. I'm literally shuffling down the street. Not good. I certainly won't be lugging around books. Yay for locker ladies taking pity on a pregnant lady and giving me a bigger one to store all of my books, clothes and shoes.

On a non-school related note, I'm going into the doctor's for my glucose tolerance test this morning. It's 4:30 am right now, can you say jet lag? The appointment is at 8:30 and I need to get to an interview at 11. I sure hope it will be enough time. Other than trying not to pass out/fall over at interviews, I'm going to maximize my time with potential employers and try to not be too disappointed if I don't get any callbacks. Prepare for disappointment and celebrate surprises will be my motto for the week.

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