Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fall Scheduling Issues

I'm still trying to finalize my schedule and it's not looking good. It's looking ok, but not my ideal. Almost 6 classes and the biggest credit load I'll ever take while in school. I'm certainly trying to cram it all in, but it will help free up tons of time in later semesters. Free up time, like only have 2-3 days of class for the rest of my law school career. The classes I'm taking are ones that I'm at least peripherally interested. A lot with an international focus and a couple foundational ones, like Corps. I would like to get this zipped up, so I can start buying my books. I've checked out the prices and I definitely managed to block that out from last semester. Through my searches on Amazon, I've found my $500+ bill can be reduced to about $250. I'm all about saving money. Especially in a semester where I'm taking out loans and not working. If I weren't preggers I'd revert to Ramen, water and a run on happy hours around the city to save money. My undergrad budgeting self was a whole hell of a lot better than I appear to be in the real world. Maybe this will get me back on track.

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