Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family visit?

Just got some news from my mom that she's thinking about coming here for a week and a half when baby's due. She's going to try and get here the weekend before Z is due and stay the following week. I told my mom to work on getting my grandmother to come over and she said my grandmom told her she was thinking about coming over for a month! Score. My mom was a NICU nurse for about 15 years and my grandmother was a maternity nurse for over 40. Talk about having the experts around. I know having family around can be stressful and having my grandmom over for that long might cause friction, but I'm just thinking about having someone I completely and totally trust showing me what I need to do.

When my uncle had his first, about 7 years ago, my aunt tells me about one night that they were at their wits end. It was 2am. Their son wouldn't stop crying. They tried everything, changed him, tried to give him a bottle, let him cry for a bit, tried to entertain him everything. The finally broke down after about 3 hours of non-stop crying and called my grandmother. They said she came over immediately, gave him a bath, swaddled him, gave him a bottle and he was sound asleep in about 20 min. To have that kind of skill in the house while I'm thousands of miles away from my family is worth the minor friction it might cause. We're also taking built in babysitter for naptime, mine and the baby's. It's also the first grandchild for my mom and great grandchild for my grandmom. I'm sure they both want to be here for that. It will sure be a bustling delivery room! Mom, grandmom, husband, me...they might have to work in shifts.

It will also be a nice vacation for my grandmother. She retired this year at 68 after over 40 years at the same hospital and 2 knee replacements. Since the unexpected death of my aunt 5 years ago, she's been taking care of my, now, 16 year old cousin and his not so responsible 22 yr old brother. There is also my grandfather to think about. It sucks how unappreciated she is at times and I'm always sure to spend as much time with her when I'm back with the family. My mom doesn't cook, so I need to learn all of her recipes or they will be lost! I look at this as a nice time away from all that. Here, even in November, it's at 85 degrees, so they can go swimming everyday or just hang out by the pool. Reading a book, doing some silk painting, having a couple of drinks with the other ladies who lunch in the compound will keep them busy. There isn't much to do and very little to do within walking distance, but I'm looking forward to having some chill time with the family before Z arrives. And if Z comes early, then there is even more time they get to spend with the baby. Win-win. I hope it works out and they can come. It would certainly make this possibly anxiety-ridden time a bit more relaxed.


  1. Are you SERIOUS?! How lucky that you have such experienced help available to help you! I remember thinking that I would probably be annoyed by my mom being around so much when my son was born. But I wasn't at all. I honestly appreciated her help, and appreciated her so much more once I became a mother that I would have let her stay much longer than she did. You're going to love having them around!

  2. Oh I'm so glad to hear that! I was a little worried. I'm sure I'll just be too tired to even care. Yay for family help!