Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Legal Research

I never realized how much a good research plan/knowing where to find things can help you. The law school librarians are amazing. I've started making progress on my BIG paper. And by progress I mean I found about 100 articles and books I need to start reading. It's a start and I'm glad I have a list going. Did you know that there are sites where you can export all of your searches on various legal databases to a site that complies all of them in bibliographical form? I didn't, but that sure seems like a much better solution than keeping 50 tabs open on random Firefox windows. Finding databases, search option and other items on my subject is helpful. Wow, people actually wrote about it. No one has written about my exact topic, double bonus. The parsing must begin soon. I have 4 hours of solid time tomorrow morning to work on one of my papers. And then I have the 3 hours of travel time to my mom's. The thing about not being the driver is, I always fall asleep. It's not the worst thing in the world, but not the best for getting sh*t done. Friday, I'm devoting 5 hours to writing, 2 to sleeping in, and the rest will be spent with the family. I will stick to this schedule. I will not go on perezhilton or any other gossip site. I WILL DO IT! And if I don't, I can't have any treats over the weekend. It will be nothing more than iron supplements, fruits, veggies and whole grain. No ice cream or cake, which would actually be possible this weekend because it isn't someone's birthday. In my family that is really a time to be remembered. It's pretty much always someone's birthday. Yummmm cake!

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  1. Law librarians rock. They really are a law student/lawyer's best friend!

    Happy writing. :)