Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pain and Good News

My hips are totally f*cked! Well just one side. My trainer thinks I have pulled my hips out of alignment. Awesome! This means I walk a little faster than my grandmom before she had both her knees replaced. I struggle to put on my pants while standing and stairs are something I have to think really really hard about. I'm not opposed to taking the elevator to go up one floor. Yes, I will be that incredibly annoying person. There isn't anything that can be done about it until Z is born because any realignment would pretty much just be thrown out of whack over the next 2 months anyway. So, I'm relegated to the hobbling pregnant majority and hope I'll remember how to walk normally once the little one walks on out.

I have an extension on a presentation I was supposed to do today. Why, do you ask? Because the person who went before me and did their 10-20 minute presentation took 1 hour! It was complete with a game of Jeopardy at the end. Complete with prizes. I lost during final Jeopardy, sooooo pissed about that one. But come on, talk about making the rest of us look bad! The prof has thankfully requested that we keep ours to 10 minutes and I'm glad because I'll be grasping to get that much. 10 minute presentation, followed by writing my paper and that's one class down. I was also informed of my make up final exam date, which is so great. I can now buy my ticket and really start planning my last weeks of babylessness.

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