Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ready to Travel

On a plane. I'm in need of a vacation. I know I've only been back in the US for about a month, but I also haven't been on a vacation in over a year. Liam and I have traveled to see each other, I've met him at home and he's come to me, but an actual vacation has been elusive. There hasn't been any exploring new destinations, the excitement that comes with checking a destination off of the list or the fun of unexpected changes of plans that come with new adventures. In the nearly 2.5 years we've been together we've been to more almost 10 countries together. And as I was writing this and on phone with Liam he out of nowhere starts telling me that he misses our vacations! Damn, we are in sync. So now we're trying to figure out a good vacation plan around life with a baby. It might just be an overnight in NYC in the new year or maybe a circuitous trip back home from the US stopping in the UK. We will see, but it's nice we're both on the same wave length. I guess it will all depend on how amenable Z is to air travel. It's a pretty huge fact of our lives, vacations or not we're flying at least 5 round trips a year ranging from 40 min-14 hour flights. Having family on 2 separate continents and living on a 3rd sure increases the frequent flier mileage! I'm so glad this Christmas is our stay at home year. Not that we would be able to travel if it weren't, but it takes any pressure or need to explain off the table. Christmas 2011 is with Liam's family and 2012 is with mine. Z is going to be able to navigate airport security like a pro by the time s/he can crawl!

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