Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Writing Must Commence

I have 37 days to write 55 pages. My huge seminar paper finally has a topic, well kind of a topic. It at least has an idea. I really need to start working on my research and getting that done. My intensive course is finally over after a disastrous presentation. The guy that went before me did an awesome one and my puny powerpoint after his seemed like an afterthought I sneezed out. Oh well, not much that can be done about that. This means I now have 9 new free hours of writing time each day and I have no excuse to fill with tv/slacking/non-school related reading.

But my first chunk of time will be filled with a doctor's appointment. I'm having my 30 week check up next week. It's a bit late, but apparently getting an appointment with my nurse practitioner is like getting tickets to the hottest concert in town. The OBGYN medical practitioners must feel like the rock stars of the hospital if the waiting lists for their appointments are any indication. After this visit, I'll only have 2, maybe 3 more until I leave. I can't believe the end is coming up so soon. It seemed like it was taking forever for about the past 7 months and now I can't believe the end is nearing. I keep thinking about the things I'll miss and the only thing I can think of is feeling Z move. I'm sure once I get a kick to the lungs/ribs/something else equally painful I'll lose that last bit of rose-coloredness and just want this kid out! In the meantime the belly dancing that goes on completely independent of anything I'm doing will just have to be enjoyed. And in a little more than month Liam will get to enjoy it as well. We're halfway through our separation and we only gets closer to being together. That is definitely a motivating factor in getting through it all. Who was the crazy person that came up with this plan?! Oh yeah, it was us.

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