Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big Freaking Bags

My bags are too big. My two checked bags are way too big. I can take 50 lbs in each bag. I'm transporting an infant car seat, pump, tons of baby clothes, packs of diapers and wipes, baby clothes and clothes that are actually for me. I have tried to weigh them and haven't really been successful. I'm a bit afraid. I'm thinking of bringing an extra duffel bag or something like that to the airport and paying for excess baggage if needed. As my travel time gets closer and closer, of course there are little things popping up. Apparently my license expires in Dec. I haven't had to look at it for the past 8 months because I haven't been drinking. Other than bars or restaurants, I never even use my license. I've been back to visit my family every weekend for the past 8 weekends, including full days on Fridays. Yesterday I get the mail which tells me I need to get it renewed. I'm not here during the week again. I have been here for 2 freaking months and NOW i get the renewal message. It will have to expire and I'll have to renew it in January. Seriously? It couldn't have come 1 day earlier?

2 exams, 1 paper, and a little over a week left. I'm freaking out, in a good way. Once I get home, so much of the preparation that I have been working on will be done. I can start putting things away. We can begin washing everything, picking up last minute items, having relaxing pre-baby time, living in a place for more than 3 days at a time, things like that. So exciting!!!


  1. Can you ship some of the baby clothes etc?

  2. My mom found her luggage scale and the bag is only 30lbs. Thankfully, I won't have to. I have a bit more to throw into the bags, but it certainly won't be 20 more lbs worth of stuff. At this point, it's all about studying and no more shopping!