Monday, October 25, 2010


I know I haven't talked about them much this semester, so here's a quick rundown of the classes left this semester:

Corporations is taught by a great professor. He breaks everything down and makes sure people are getting everything. This is particularly helpful fro me because the amount of reading I'm able to get through it pretty dismal. I always thought of corps as huge multinational conglomerates, but learning all of the rules and regulation and then how they do it in DE makes it all seem a lot more accessible. I haven't looked at any past exams and I haven't started outlining yet. All of that fun will begin next week.

Taxation is still incredibly frightening, especially since I can't find my giant tax code book. I know I bought one and I don't want to have to buy might come to that. The professor is incredibly organized. Outlines, reading, everything is meticulously done and this will also be so helpful because I won't be working from scratch when it comes to outlining and the hard study time. I'm less scared than I was, particularly because 1/3 of the class seems to not show up to every class.

I've finished 4 of my other classes. All in all I'm so happy with my class choices this semester, not only because all of the profs have been great, but the pressure is off for the last few weeks of pregnancy. My biggest non-pregnancy related, well as non as it can be is that I'll do all of my studying and outlining and then go to take my exams in January and have to relearn it all again. It will be about 2 months between the end of my studying and outlining and taking the exams. That's a really long time and I'll be sleep deprived. Any suggestions?

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  1. wow... you're a trooper. I'd hate to have my exams AFTER the baby was born, although having them just before is adding tons of stress! It sounds like you have a good plan, just give yourself some grace! :) You'll be fine!