Saturday, October 16, 2010


The supplies have started rolling in. Newborn(84-count) and size 1(164-count) diapers. Check. I'm hoping Z will be able to fit into the newborns. Although I have been told we're having a big baby, well only when overseas, I was only 7lbs when I was born and Liam was 6, so here's hoping for history to repeating itself. The stroller/infant seat combo has also arrived. Check. Now I just have to get that seat into my luggage. Should be interesting. In addition to those, the pump, wipes, and our yearly special addition ornament have all arrived. I'm so excited for all of this and still a bit worried that the family hasn't done their baby shower for me yet. My mother insists that these things must be a surprise. The only thing is I have a limited amount of time here and an even more limited amount of suitcase space. She has broached the idea of doing it when I come back next year, but I'm not sure if that was just to throw me off. We shall see, there are only 2 more opportunities to get it in before I head home.

Next up on my shopping list: baking supplies, pumping bags, and maybe some Christmas presents.


  1. You are so organized! You have all the basics down. I'd suggest maybe a few different types of binkis, because you don't know what Z will like. And a travel bag for the stroller/carseat combo (check ebay if you have time, and craigslist). Strollers can get really banged up in transit.

  2. You are totally organized! I'm assuming you already have the pump - totally essential. Also, some infant tylenol, a humidifier and a booger bulb sucker are essential. I really like the Crate humidifiers (they're in the shapes of animals) because they're surprsingly potent but quiet (just make sure to put it on a towel because they are so powerful).

    I have been following your blog for a bit now and really enjoy it! I am a lawyer mommy and love connecting with other future lawyers/legal professionals and moms too!

  3. Thanks guys! I don't feel that organized, but glad to hear I'm on the right track.

    @mominsanity: great to hear you're reading along and that you've made it to the other side of law school intact!!