Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Baby still there and the studying begins!

I have safely made it home. The airline didn't bat an eyelash at me getting on the plane and I don't think anyone even knew I was pregnant. I spent a good amount of time watching movies, walking around and trying to sleep. All in all not a bad flight. I've certainly been on worse.

Today, I spent a total of 5 hours at the hospital. The first .5 were spent waiting for my new doctor, 1.5 having the fetal heartbeat monitored and 20 minutes being seen by the doctor. The 1.5 of fetal monitoring isn't entirely the hospital's fault. Liam was in with me and the baby wasn't moving much. The nurse asked him to go to the cafeteria and get me some juice and bread to get the baby more active. He said ok and then left for about 40 minutes. I thought perhaps he got lost, had gone home to get us food, or he was in a car crash. The nurse asked me again what his name was and she went into the waiting room to call for him. He was there, sitting and reading the paper. He was apparently confused by the nurses accent and thought she was just making a general recommendation about making sure I ate and drank enough in the mornings and thought he was being kicked out of the room! He sat out there for 40 minutes!! Needless to say, we had a laugh at it. I wasn't in a rush and neither was he, so we just chalked it up to one of those things we can laugh about and we already have.

The second 2 were waiting for another ultrasound, 15 minutes getting the ultrasound and 15 waiting for them to give us the report. That one was less fun and didn't end in laughs, only annoyance. But we won't have to do that again. Our next meeting with the doctor is next week. She's great and practiced at a big hospital in the US. I know the hospital she was at before and it was a great one and we have heard nothing but amazing things about her, so I'm pumped she's my doctor. Next visit we'll be going over the birth plan and other incidentals.

Tomorrow begins the study schedule I set out for myself. I have a lot of class to catch up on and review. I'm still hoping the baby arrives early, so that definitely gives me an incentive to get my shit together!

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