Friday, November 19, 2010

Listening to Classes

I have to say I'm much better at taking notes on my classes when I'm just listening to the class recordings as opposed to being in class. I have no idea why, but hopefully it will help me. Everyone else in the compound is BBQing and playing in the pool and I'm at home listening to lectures. Sadface, but it's for a good cause! Liam hasn't abandoned me, he's out power washing the front of the house.

We're having people over for wine and cheese tonight. This means cleaning on top of studying. Last night we went out to a great Belgian restaurant with a bunch of our friends. Other than the smokey environment it was a very nice night. I even splurged and got dessert (delicious Belgian waffle w/ ice cream and chocolate syrup). I also had a glass of wine, which was divine. I do miss wine. We still have our celebratory bottles of champagne waiting for the baby to arrive. It's the same type we had on our wedding day! The baby may not want to make an appearance, but I'm sure going to enjoy these little things. After dinner, we all went to our neighbors, talked, ate chocolate, chips, and hung out until 1am or so. It was a chill night and though I paid for it at about 4am when the heartburn kicked in, it was so worth it.

My mother and grandmother will be arriving in a week or so and that's exciting. While I'm hoping I'll be driving with Liam to the airport to pick them up with our new little bundle, I'm making peace with the fact that this may not happen. My aunt had a C-section yesterday and had a healthy little girl. My uncle only posted 2 pictures on fbook, but I'm hoping he'll post more. Everyone is having babies!

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  1. I have to say I was much better at listening when I was in class - I was too undisciplined to listen to them on my Ipod and take notes. There was something about the professor being there that made me more honest. I know that sounds awful.

    Enjoy the adult time now when you've got the time because once baby comes, your time goes down! Tonight my hubby and I actually are going to see Harry Potter and I've never been more excited in my life about anything.