Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lots to be thankful for

Today is the first Thanksgiving I'm not celebrating or preparing to celebrate tomorrow. We will be celebrating next Thursday once my mom and grandmom arrive. It was really weird to not wake up with the house smelling of cooking food, watching the parade and calling around to see what time everyone is coming over. Liam and I did Thanksgiving in Dublin last year for his family. We celebrated on Friday, so everyone would be able to make it. It was our first one together and it was also the last time that the entire family was together before Liam's mom passed away. The day was a little emotional for us both because of that.

I rang up my family and wished them all a Happy Turkey Day. My grandmother was cooking away and my mom was trying to avoid her while making the only thing she can, deviled eggs. They are both very excited to be coming and trying to get all the last minute things together. I'm still hoping for an arrival before they get here, but that is looking less and less likely. That said, I think I'm having a few contractions here and there, but nothing steady. It's been happening for the past 24 hours. A lot of pressure and a bit of pain every so often accompanied by my stomach becoming like a rock. I haven't told Liam yet because he would start to worry or certainly jump up to start the car every time I moved a muscle. Here's to hoping this kid makes his/her arrival in the next day or so. It would be very nice to greet my mom and gran with their granddaughter/great granddaughter on Saturday!

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  1. that totally sounds like Braxton hicks contractions! So exciiting. Hope your bundle arrives sooner rather than later! yay!