Saturday, November 13, 2010

Studying/Pregnancy Issues

My first exam is a little under a month away. Of course all of this is up to Z's arrival, but that's what I'm using to motivate me. It's not really working. It was for about 2 days and now I'm back to wanting to sleep again. Z's clothes are all over the living room. We were going to split them up by the size on the label until we realized a Carter's 3m is twice the size of a Target 3m. None of the sizes actually match up. So we're eyeballing it and trying to group them together. In addition packing my hospital bag seems to be taking forever. And by taking forever, I mean I just haven't gotten a bag and put anything into it.

I think I'm trying to postpone the inevitable. Our last doctor's appointment has me a little concerned. We went over my birth plan. Most people have said that they are useless, including my mother, but my doctor wanted us to bring one in. I'm not really a stickler for much. I didn't have any crazy requests, I just wanted to be sure that Liam/my mom/grandmom could be there, I could listen to music, move around if I wanted, hold the baby right after, things like that. I am also not opposed to an epidural although the thought of the needle in my spine makes me cringe. Once I'm actually in labour I don't think I'll care about a huge needle in my back, but right now it freaks me out to no end. I just said that I didn't want to see the needle at all, if I were to get one. Then it was time for my doctor to weight in and she tried to convince me that the recovery from a C-section was easier than regular birth. Now I've never given birth, but as the oldest of 15 grandchildren, I have seen plenty of moms recovering from childbirth. NONE would ever say that a C-section is an easier recovery. It looks like I'm going to be sitting at home until I feel like I'm going to split in half until I go to the hospital, so they don't try to force a C-section on me. If it is necessary for my safety or that of the baby of course I would get one, but if it's so that the hospital can clear out the delivery room a bit quicker I'm not budging! And with that I need to get studying!!!


  1. Ok, there is NO WAY recovery from C is easier than regular birth. I've heard of docs subtly pushing Cs because they get paid *A LOT* more by insurance companies. But wow... that's a blatant lie.

    I wanted vaginal with Clownfish and ended up w/ emergency C. S**t happens. I hope you get the birth you want.

  2. I had a c-section with my first (unplanned, emergency) and a VBAC recently with my second (I gave birth about a month ago) and I have to say that I'm just about fully physically recovered from the VBAC whereas with the c-section, I wasn't fully recovered for at least another month beyond my 6 week post partum visit. I was up and around also, much more quickly with the VBAC.

  3. I had two kids no drugs, just because that's the way I wanted it and I was lucky enough not to have an emergency. I'm not a "go-drug-free" pusher - I think every woman picks her own ideal birth and then gets the birth she gets! - but I will tell you it isn't so terribly bad, if that's something you're interested in trying. I mean, it gets a bit rough there at the end, but it's manageable. And the recovery with both was not too bad. My SIL had a C, and she also recovered just fine. Either way you end up going, you'll rock it!

    As for that nurse - I've had approx. 25 friends give birth in the last couple of years, and 23 of them had C-sections. This is not an exaggeration, I know three people who gave birth vaginally including myself, and all 3 of us had a midwife. Every woman I've known who went to a doctor ended up with a C. Most were planned ahead because "the baby was huge" - only one of them had a baby any bigger than 9 lbs, and only one of them had a medical emergency C during labor. It really upsets me. I don't mind C-sections, women who get them, women who choose them, but it drives me nuts when doctors try to push them ahead of time. You can hear my SIL's doctor apologizing to her on the video as the (seven pound) baby is coming out (camera trained on my SIL's face, not the surgery). He said "Sorry. I thought she was bigger." They're looking to get pregnant again, and he already said he doesn't allow VBACs, and so they're planning to schedule number two. Makes me crazy!