Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tax isn't so scary anymore

I haven't looked at the exams yet, but just going through all of the stuff I missed has made it a lot less scary. The prof is crazy organized, so it entails a lot of flipping through regulations, statutes, casebook and outlines, but it makes it a lot easier to follow. I've been highlighting, underlining and tabbing up my books like crazy. My outline/notes packet is already about 100 pages long and I'm not sure how the hell I'm going to chop it down. The amount of statutes and regulations are enough to fill an outline of more than 200 pages. All that said, it's fairly easy to follow. I'm sure I'll screw up all of the math calculations, but the theory and reasons behind it actually seems to be sticking. I'm making progress a little behind the pace I set for myself, but I feel like I was being overly ambitious.

In addition to everything going on my father in law flew in last night. We picked him up at the airport at 3am. We got back to the house at 4am. Talk about delirious. Liam and I are a bit loopy today and I got a freaking nap after getting up to make Liam breakfast before he went to work at 6am. And he can't even nap after work because we have a doctor's appointment. I'm thinking he's going to pass out tonight! But I don't feel too bad, he's got tomorrow off as well as all of next week. He'll also be playing a full round of golf with his dad twice in the next 4 days. I think he's ok with the sacrifice of no sleep for a night. They boys being away at the golf club will also give me more time to study. It will be at least 8 hours (golf+meal+drinks) of uninterrupted time to get my stuff done.

Or I'll spend it baking more bread, which isn't even a good excuse because we have a bread machine! We are no longer buying our bread. We're only baking it in the house. The bread here is terrible. I don't know wtf they do with it, but it isn't the best. We made our first loaf and that was it. We baked a loaf for one of our neighbors and they went out and bought a bread machine the next day. It would seem that none of could fully grasp how sucky it was until we had something good.

After I'm through my Tax catch up it will be time for Corps. And then hopefully it will be time for baby! Liam has been talking to my belly every night and trying to coax Z out. Sometimes he's sweet, other times stern and sometimes he just pokes him/her. I really can't wait to see our baby in his arms. I don't think he's going to want to put him/her down. If only the baby knew how excited we were to meet him/her! Another doctor's appointment today where we will do who knows what. I have to do the fetal monitoring again and I'll come prepared with apple juice and a nice slice of whole wheat bread. I don't think I have had any Braxton-Hicks contractions yet, which worries me. I don't want to be late. I really really really don't. I just hope Liam doesn't pass out and whack his head off of the exam table at the appointment. Back to studying! It seems that my second semester burst of energy is happening now and I'm taking advantage of it.

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