Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A wee bit of a scare

I'll preface the story with an everything is fine. We went to the hospital yesterday afternoon because I hadn't felt the baby move for a long time during the day. I had eaten, drank something cold, rocked on my fitness ball and everything. I was getting nothing after laying down on my left side, giving the baby a few pokes and having Liam talk to my belly. Usually any of these three is enough to get a bit of a reaction and still nothing. Once tears started rolling down my cheeks, Liam said that's it, we're going to the ER. I just followed along, trying not to think of anything bad. What really freaked me out was the night before we had gone for a long walk, maybe a mile or so. We came home, ate dinner, watched tv and then went to bed. One I was laying down the baby had a serious movement extravaganza that woke Liam up at one point. We were both laughing about it at the time, but on the drive to the hospital all I was thinking was one thing and I can't even bring myself to type it.

We arrived at the ER and they told us to go to the OBGYN clinic b/c they were still open. They are closed for the rest of the week starting today for Eid. We told them what was going on, they brought me in, took my blood pressure (which was sky high I'm sure), had Liam fill out paperwork and strapped me to the fetal heart monitor. The second she found the heartbeat, I couldn't stop myself from letting a few tears out. I had been so so so worried. Liam was so calm cool and collected. Once we heard it, we both just listened and didn't even talk for a good 15 min. It was actually the best monitoring we've ever gotten. Usually the baby is asleep the whole time and they make me eat or drink something to get the baby going. Not this time, the heart rate showed the baby awake, it also showed me that all this can happen without the baby moving. We went in to meet with the doctor. She said everything looked good, the baby had moved a lot further down in my pelvis, no dilation, but softening, and the walking probably tired the baby out. Talk about being relieved!

We have to head to the ER (b/c the OB clinic is closed) for monitoring today and then meet with her again on Saturday. She then casually mentions that we could be induced on Saturday if I felt like it. I think I probably looked a lot more freaked out when I first walked in than I thought and she doesn't want me stressing out. Now that I know things are fine, the baby has less room to move and isn't showing any signed of distress I'm so much more calm. While I have been saying that I want to have this baby, you know yesterday, I don't think I want to go the induction route. After calming down, knowing that the baby is ok and being able to think it over, we're going to try and wait this thing out naturally. Talk about an emotional roller coaster. I'm sure it only gets worse once they arrive, but we're all happy and healthy for now. Well not Liam, after his calm cool and collectedness was no longer needed, he had a crazy adrenaline crash, followed by a stuffy nose and a little cough. Looks like I'll be taking care of my big baby until our little one arrives!


  1. Oh man. The anxiety when you can't SEE the little dude(tte) is so terrible. At least when they're out you can check them obsessively every five minutes and calm your jitters, if you have any.

    This is the most miserable time! I know how the minutes just streeeeeeetch. Praying for a very quick arrival!

  2. Oh, thank goodness. *hugs*

    That is the worst, most horrible feeling in the world. I was one of the suckers who leased a fetal heart monitor for most of my pregnancy for this particular reason. Every time I'd freak out, I'd listen to her heart beating.

    Yesterday, we were playing with M's stethoscope and I heard her heart and it brought tears of relief to my eyes - even with her right in front of me, 3.5 years after her birth. Crazy.

  3. "A wee bit"? Is that your Scottish roots coming out there? ;-)

  4. The less movement thing of this trimester is freaking me out daily. So glad everything is ok

  5. @Reluctant: Here's to hoping for a quick arrival as well!

    @E.H.: Thanks for the hugs. We were thinking about the fetal monitor, but decided against it. Kind of wished we hadn't.

    @Michael: More like my DH rubbing off on me. After his 13 years there, it's certainly added to my flavorful vocab!

    @Butterflyfish: I'm glad it's not just me overreacting! It's such a weird feeling when you're used to almost always feeling something.

  6. So glad that things are ok - it is the SCARIEST feeling (or not feeling as the case may be) to not feel your baby move. My son had to be monitored a lot because he would go a day or so without moving. With my daughter I only had to be hooked up once - which made it scarier because she ws so active...I'm glad that you're ok and the baby is too...