Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can you tell I had a baby?

My posts have certainly been less frequent. I have an exam tomorrow and it's going to be a bloodbath. I mean it's going to be terrible and there isn't much I can do about it at this point. Thankfully I'm doing much better. Hives are long gone, soreness is mostly gone. I only need 4 mortin a day instead of 8. I know I won't mind Z being awake for all but 2 hours at night when I'm not trying to study throughout the day. But she's still so adorable. I can't get over smelling her when she fall asleep on my chest.

I'm looking forward to the weekend when our adjusted sleep schedule is no longer in effect. Liam sleeps upstairs during the week and I'm downstairs on the bed we have down there. He comes down at 4 to give me a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep before he heads off to work at 6. It isn't ideal, but it seems I'm better able to function without as much sleep as Liam.

Christmas is just around the corner and I'm glad we put the tree up early. My mom and gran brought over some presents for us, which are pretty much the only ones under the tree. Liam keeps asking what kind of push present I would like and I keep telling him nothing. It has to be hard to shop for me because I really don't want anything. Maybe some iTunes giftcards. I don't wear jewelry, like shopping, or have any other kinds of likes that are easy to shop for. Liam has a couple of things from me for Christmas as he's a bit easier to read. If it has something to do with photography or cooking, he's all for it. Both of those are checked off. I don't need anything, especially this year. Well maybe a magic pill to get Z to sleep during the night. Other than that, my aversion to clutter keeps me from wanting more things. I'm most looking forward to watching Tron, having a cider, and going to Christmas brunch.


  1. The first few weeks of new baby are the worst but Ipromise it gets easier - slowly. I'm at two months of new baby and change and she's sleeping for much longer stretches which is nice. Good luck on your exam today!

  2. If you're nursing, a nice gift is a nursing necklace. It's one with huge beads the baby can play with - when she gets a little older, she'll start getting distracted, and it's nice to have a little something to keep their attention.

    And regardless of whether you're nursing or not, another nice thing I loved to have when both of my kids were born was BOOKS. Bc gawd, feeding them takes up half your life, and you gotta have something to do besides gaze adoringly in their little faces. I know a lot of friends who got handheld book reader device things, which are awesome, but good old fashioned books (or magazines) work well too!

    Good luck, girl. Don't let exams get you down!

  3. Ditto books! I read SO much. And watched TV. I know, bad me - except a sane mom is better than a crazy mom. :)