Tuesday, December 28, 2010

So many unfinished posts

I have more draft posts from the last week than I have had since I started the blog. Z is so adorable that getting by on no sleep has been almost ok. We're planning a big Christmas/New Years dinner on Thursday because our Ritz brunch was a disappointment. They have let so many people RSVP for the brunch that they no longer seem to have room for the tons of food they had a couple of years ago. Food like mashed potatoes, stuffing, non-raw roast beef, and any type of sushi other than California rolls were all missing. At least there was plenty of champagne and the weather was nice.

In other news, I'm flying out 4 days ahead of Liam because every flight from the 3rd-12th is fully booked. This means I'm flying with Z ALONE for over 14 hours. I'm not looking forward to that. It also means that we have 4 fewer days to get her visa put into her passport, so she can leave the country. We applied for and have gotten everything as quickly as possible. Her birth certificate took a week from our date of discharge, the passport took 2 weeks and we have no idea how long the visa will take. If it isn't done by the 3rd we have no idea what we will do. Do I fly and leave Z with Liam for 4 days? Do we just cancel the trip? No idea, but we're hoping for the best! This does mean 4 more days with my family before Liam arrives, so that takes a bit of the rush out of our travels. Z's getting her first passport stamp, which is exciting. Poor kid has some pretty freaky travel paper photos. Between the visa pic and the passport one it's like a freaky face melted baby has replaced Z for all pictures. It's really freaking hard to get a baby to stare into the camera and photoshopping out Liam's hands just makes them look all the freakier. These will certainly come in handy once she gets older!

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  1. Hoping all the passport/visa drama plays out well!