Monday, March 29, 2010

Brief Done!

I completed my brief today about 4 hours before it's due. I'll read it over and recheck in another couple of hours to give myself a bit of time away from it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I came in a couple of pages under the page maximum, so I'm not too worried.

There is also an unexpected free day coming up. I think I might go and see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D. Is it weird that I'll be going to that all by myself in the middle of the day? I used to go to movies during the day on my own all the time. No crowds, usually a deserted theater and it's easier to sneak in snacks. I was never one for movie snacks, except maybe the hot dogs. I don't know what it is about me and hot dogs, but I love them. I know they are vile and made up of all kinds of mystery meat, but I love them. Add some baked beans on top and I'm in heaven.

Only one month until my first final! I can't believe this is all sneaking up on me so quickly. I'm in outlining overload and trying to get my sh*t together. Liam is here right at the tail end of my LRW final exam, so I'll have to make sure everything with that is completely and totally done and finito before he even lands. So much is going on, some things I dare not even mention...yet...

Sunday, March 28, 2010

{PP} Not telling people

I actually managed to not tell someone today. I went to brunch with two of my friends. One of them is a really good friend and I would want to tell her before I told my other friend, whom I don't know quite as well. I had an opportunity to tell Marci before Ann showed up, but I just didn't really want to tell her. So far we have only told 6 people. Liam has told our two nurse friends (he had a few questions). I've told my mom and 3 other friends. Now that I have gotten telling a few people out of my system, I think I'll be good until our 8 week appointment. No need to spill anymore beans until we're good and ready sometime in the summer!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

{PP} Slammed by fatigue

Today, I woke up feeling ok. It was at my normal weekday time, but I went to sleep at about 10pm, so it wasn't a big deal. I made it over to the library about 15 min after it opened at 9 and started my brief. I got about a half a page in, when I started feeling so tired. I couldn't keep my eyes open. Then I started getting angry at myself for being tired and not getting my brief done. And then I started to get sad and almost cry because I wasn't getting my freaking brief done! Talk about hormones. After about 20 minutes of that, I called Liam. He proceeded to try and cheer me up and told me to go for a walk back to the apartment, which I needed to do anyway because I forgot my power charger there. Genius, I know.

Once I was back in the apartment, we video chatted for a bit. Liam is so excited about the little one. He's super excited and ready to do all of these great things around the house to get things ready. I know he's sad that he's not here with me and able to hold my hand through it all. I really do wish he were here or I was there. This summer will be a great time to make the best of everything and really enjoy our last few months together as a non-parent couple.

After a bit more of a pep talk to each other, I put my head down on the sofa for a quick nap and woke up about 50 minutes later. Liam said I was out like a light and didn't move. I was still groggy, so you know what I did, I went to sleep for another 30 min. I'm making excellent progress on my brief, right? This is going to be a disaster of epic proportions. All I want to do is sleep. I would literally sleep for 15 hours a day at this point. Boy am I glad I'm not working this semester!

Brief due Monday

hilarity ensues! This should be a fun weekend, filled with tears, screaming, and eventual thoughts of moving to Guam...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

{PP} Irrational Fears

I told my mom today that I'm pregnant out of desperation. I was talking to Liam via skype and we were trying not to say the B word, but it kept coming up. Then I started telling him how I was afraid and nervous and wanted everything to work out. I started talking about all of my lady parts feeling funny and after going back and forth I decided I wanted to talk to my mom. She's a nurse and mother of 5 children, so I figured, if anyone would know or be able to help me calm the F*** down it would be her.

So I called and I told her. She seemed surprised and happy for me. I wanted to tell her in person, but my irrational fear overtook my whole surprise plans. After telling her and letting her know how far along I am, she tried to snap me out of my crazies! She just let me know that a lots going on and funny feelings are ok. As long as there isn't any cramping or bleeding, don't freak out and just go with the flow of having a baby. Mother dear said there is nothing wrong with looking forward to have a baby in 9 months and sort of work with that assumption in mind. I'm cool with that. I never thought I would embrace the idea of having morning sickness and other "real" pregnancy symptoms just so I would know for sure that I'm not just imagining things!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{PP} Student Health Clinic

I went in today to the student health clinic at school. The Dr. was very nice and gave me all the info I needed for the ob/gyn. I made my first appointment for April, when Liam will be here. Did I mention before he's coming? He wanted it to be a surprise for our anniversary, but he's terrible at keeping secrets! We're going to NYC and then back here for a week.

Back to the visit to the Dr. I sat in one of those paper gowns for about 20 min sweating like a mofo until he came in asked me a bunch of questions, namely was this pregnancy um...wanted? I'm sure it's not something they get very often, a married law student happy about having a baby. As of right now we're getting way ahead of ourselves when it comes to happiness about this whole pregnancy thing. We don't want to get too excited, but how can we not. We've been trying, although not successfully due to timing issues, since July of last year. As of right now I'm 4 weeks pregnant. It's very early, super duper early in fact, which is why we're excited for time to speed up and get out of the 1st trimester. I never thought I would be looking forward to finals and the write-on so much!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

People have stopped coming to class

well at least one class...Civ Pro. The class is pretty much half full. It's really noticeable, but the prof is taking it in stride. I think he pretty much accepts that it's going to happen. I was forced to buy another Civ Pro E&E today because I left my other one with Liam. Sadness for forgetfulness and spending money I shouldn't. Other than that, I've been working on my outlines and flow charts. I'm a very visual person and I've learned that your standard long outlines don't really do it for me. I hope I'll be able to study more comprehensively with flowcharts and non-standard outlines.

I can sense the fear as final approach. People are getting a little more jumpy about jobs, internships and the like. That being said, most people seem to have something lined up, whether it's clerking for a judge, working for a non-profit, or working in a firm. No one I know of so far has been talking about a totally unproductive summer. I have to say I'm pumped to work in the firm this summer and I can't wait to get some actual experience under my belt.

I'm also excited to see the new class schedule that will be coming out in the next 2 weeks. That is always one of the most fun times for me. Picking classes for the upcoming semester as well as my summer classes. I'm trying to be as productive as possible with my summer study. I can take 2 required courses, which would take some pressure off the rest of my years. My school does have a summer study abroad program, which I would have loved to have gone to, but I wouldn't be able to knock off any requirements and I would have had to break my lease. No good, I'll stay put and bear the summer heat here.

{PP} Only a few days late

and I took a test and I'm pregnant. Liam and I are still being cautious. We have only told about 6 people, half of them are medical professionals, who happen to be friends. I am trying to figure out what I'm going to do about the whole prenatal thing, since I'm on crappy student health insurance. It's unfortunate we're not in Europe, where it would all be free, so we'll have to make due. As of right now I'm technically 4 weeks along and only about 2 weeks really pregnant. Here's hoping to more happy posts in the future.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Trapped in the Library

I have been here since 10am and will probably be here until class begins. Property is still the bane of my existence and makes me want to drop out of school every time I set foot in the classroom. Torts tends to be my saving grace and pulls me back off of the ledge. This weekend will be fun filled with outlining, Ireland v. Scotland rugby match, reading for next week and more outlining. There are only 6 weeks until my FIRST EXAM! The reality is beginning to frighten me.

I met with the people at the firm I will be working at this summer. They all seems really, really nice and can't wait to have me there. The office is pretty small and I met everyone other than the partner in the office and a couple of other people. Everyone seemed pretty shocked that I wanted to be there in the summer, but happy to help me figure out if that's where I want to begin my career. I definitely do, well as of now I do. It will so be interesting to do a test run of actual married life while working. Prior to law school my job consisted of me watching for 5 hours a day. It wasn't exactly taxing and I always got home before Liam. I imagine I'll be working some late nights and have actual work to do. This should be interesting, although Liam has mentioned he's looking forward to having dinner ready for me when I get home. I look forward to it as well!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


  1. Visited Liam
  2. Went to Dubai to see Paulo Nutini in concert
  3. Didn't want to leave
  4. Returned from visiting Liam
  5. Left a week of reading on the plane in a binder that has mysteriously disappeared!
  6. Wanted to take a nap after my 15 hour flight, but ended up missing class
  7. In the process of re-buying all of my books, so I can do this weeks readings and not fall behind!
  8. Wanting to just sleep until May

Monday, March 8, 2010

Need to study more

and sleep less. The time difference is wreaking havoc on me this go around. I'm trying to make Future Interest, RaP and all that jazz make sense and work a bit more on my brief. I have whipped up an amazing risotto for Liam, which he loved! Tonight, I plan on making a huge pasta dinner for all of our friends! I'm talking huge. I'll probably make about 5 lbs of uncooked pasta, a huge pot of sauce, and I'll also be making my own bread for garlic bread. Yummmmmmm!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Property is evil

This is what property has become. At first, we were cool. Things were looking good. First in time and all that. And then I get bitch slapped by fee simple, fee tail and future interest. WTF Property? I thought we were getting along. I thought stuff was going fine and then I must have done something you didn't like and I get an elbow to the face. I'm sorry I made you mad and since I can't leave you until May, I'm going to have a figure out a way to make this work. I've got E&Es, Emanuel's as well as my regular casebook. Here's to hoping that over the break we'll both have some time to chill out and when we meet up in a week or so. By then I hope you have stopped acting like a raging lunatic!

Spring break starts very soon...which means I'm flying somewhere. Cancun? Jamaica? Vancouver? I hear they have some awesome brownies up there. Nope. This time I'm flying to the ME. Not sexy I know, but I'll be taking every St. Paddy's Day decoration known to man for our Party. It should be pretty fun and I promise to keep my drinking to a minimum as I need to do some serious studying. I'm not going to participate in the moot court competition because there isn't any freaking time. If I did make it, I wouldn't be able to participate.

I'll also use the break to stop by my summer employer and say a how do you do. I'll be around for a bit longer this summer and I need to make sure they are cool with it. Other than that, I'm packing, cleaning my apartment (nothing worse than the mystery smell when you return from a trip), reading and writing my second draft of my brief.