Thursday, April 29, 2010

And we're over it

Venting works. Back to the grind of finals. 15 days until 1L goes bye bye...thank god!

When living apart makes me want to kill something or someone

Let me preface this with the fact that I'm now working on a 54 page long issue spotter fact pattern for CivPro and I am 10 wks preggers, you have been warned.

Liam and I are generally separated by at least a 7 hour time-zone gap, 11,000km, and a boatload of technology. Usually technology is our friend. We can communicate over these long distances and stay connected. What we can't do it actually bridge the gap the exists between us and sometimes it's really F*CKING annoying. Some random internet cable has been severed off the coast of Egypt. This isn't your run of the mill fiber-optic cable, it's a giant cable that basically connects one end of the world to the other. No, the internet doesn't work via amazing satellites and towers and crap like that, it's all kept together by giant underwater cables running from continent to continent. Don't believe me, check out #5 on this list. What this means for communication with my husband is ridiculous delays and lags, choppy picture and sound, and both of us nearly shredding all technology we possess.

Today was one such day and it is now spilling over into me wanting to shred Liam! I got back from the gym this morning after a good training session and Liam was getting home from work. We chatted for a bit and then both decided to take a nap. My pregnant lady nap lasted for about an hour and a half. Liam's just got home from work nap lasted 4 hours! 4 fucking hours! He's showing up as being on skype and available, not idle, totally available and open to communication. I called and rang skype about 8 times. I was getting funky messages and I thought perhaps the internet was messed up or he was only on skype on iTouch w/ the headphones plugged into the jack and couldn't hear the ring. So I proceeded to call his cell phone about 10x in about 3 hours. I don't call because I'm afraid he's out banging hookers or doing blow off of toilet seats in bars, but we're never out of communication range with each other. We both take our phones with us everywhere or tell the other one we're leaving the phone behind for a certain amount of time. Other than when either of us are asleep, he's at work or I'm in class communication with one another is almost always possible.

Needless to say I was pissed. The time he slept through was our talk time. This is the time of day when I'm getting ready to go out into the real world, doing dishes, eating lunch, getting dressed, etc. I did all of that while he was asleep. He woke up and wanted to talk. Unfortunately, I'm now in school work mode. I'm going through my freaking huge fact pattern for CivPro. I kind of feel like I'm being a bitch, but this is also not the first time this has happened this week. In the past week he forgot to charge his phone, has left it downstairs while upstairs in dreamland, has it on silent. I'm probably just crazy hormonal and being ridiculous, but being incommunicado with your pregnant wife for long stretches of time when I'm of course looking for support and attention. Leaving me pissed during 3 of the 4 hours we have to talk during the day is not a good way to start off my day. Maybe the issue is we talk too much and when we can only talk for an hour or so, it seems like I'm being ignored. Or maybe I need another nap.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Realizing something after more than a decade

Last night I watched the last 30 min of Mask. I have seen this movie about 8 times in parts, if not in it's entirety. Spoiler if you haven't seen it, but come on, it came out in 1985! I just realized, after maybe 10-15 years, that Rocky didn't kill himself. For years I have thought he took the drugs his mom had left over and OD'ed b/c his girlfriend was moving away and his motorcycle trip across Europe was canceled. It wasn't until I watched it last night that I realized that he died in his sleep and his mom looked into her little drug stash b/c she was tempted after kicking the habit. I had always heard that it was an uplifting story and I never figured it out. How can a story be uplifting when the main character kills himself, oh wait, he didn't!

I equate this to singing a song all your life and then finding out that the lyrics you have been singing are COMPLETELY WRONG! I'm usually pretty good at the lyrics, except for Yellow Ledbetter, but not even Pearl Jam knows the lyrics. Everyone has these brain fart moments and the reveal is such an a-ha moment. Speaking of brain farts, who almost poured a nice cup of bleach into a big ol washer full of colors. That would be me! I think I'm shunting too much brain power into school work. As long as I don't walk into traffic for the next 16 days, I'm golden. Come on clarity and not getting myself maimed!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Registering for next year

It's that time of year again. My favorite time of year, pre-registration! When I was in undergrad, this was always one of my favs. It meant the current year was coming to an end and the following year was full of so many possibilities. Once classes started I realized that was all crap, but it was fun to dream for a bit.

My current registration plan is choosing classes are short courses that end by October 30th. I have enough to fill most of my requirements w/ the exception of Corps. I'll have to miss the last few weeks of that course and put off my exam for a while, due to our eventual bundle of joy. I also have to register for next spring as well. I have managed to choose courses that begin after spring break 2011. This was so I would have 3 months w/ Liam and the little one before returning Stateside in March. I'm hoping pulling off 2 months of school with the help of a babysitter/nanny and intermittent visits from Liam. Taking a semester off for me really doesn't seem that feasible because I'm more than a little bit afraid I might not go back. I want to rip this band-aid off quickly.

Other than pre-registration, outlining and crazy exam studying is absorbing my life, as it should. There are 19 days until I am finished with 1L and off to the exciting world of write on, summer classes and firm internship. Oy!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

{PP} Great News!

Liam and I went to the doctor on Tuesday...

YAY!! Although it is a bit premature to go shouting from the rooftops, I just couldn't help it anymore. I'm 8 weeks along and the due date is November 30th. It's amazing what seeing a tiny little bean on a screen with a flickering heartbeat will do to you. Liam spend the whole time staring intently at the nurse practitioner. I told him after our appointment, he looked like he might jump up and punch her at any moment. He then informed me that that was his intently listening face. I guess now I know that he's never listening that intently to anything I say. If that's the face it requires, I'm glad.

Our appointment was 3 hours long from start to finish. Called into the office 45 minutes after appointment time and then another hour and a half waiting to get blood taken in the lab surrounded by people hacking up all kinds of good stuff. I just wish the woman taking my blood there could always take my blood. She was a pro, no pain, no muss no fuss. The last person who took my blood rendered my arm useless for about 24 hours. The next appointment is in 5 weeks instead of 4 weeks because I won't be here then. All in all she was a really great nurse practitioner and I'll be meeting with her next time, which is great. Nothing has really changed since the visit, I'm chowing down on my Flintstone chewable vitamins, sleeping and trying not to puke.

Life for Liam's a little bit different. Having a front row seat to the sonogram really got him going. He's a worrier when it comes to me and it was nice to give him some peace of mind. After the visit, Liam picked up the Expectant Father from B&N and is basking in his virility. I think he's at least a tiny bit more excited about getting me pregnant than me being pregnant.

NOTE: I have a bunch of back posts that I'll be posting now that the cat's out of the bag.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Wonderful Anniversary

Liam has arrived and we just spend a wonderful weekend in NYC. We also exchanged gifts, well he gave me his and I showed him what he would eventually be. He put together a great picture book printed through Apple of our travels in the first year or so we were dating. And I did a comic book of the exact same thing. Great minds think alike or we just couldn't think of anything better for the paper anniversary. He also bought me a really cute cotton top, since cotton is the traditional gift for the first anniversary in Ireland.

Our weekend in NYC started off grand with a 3 hour delay in our train to the big city. Instead of getting in at 12, we got in at 3am. Our poor friends who were meeting up with us there stayed up in the hotel bar until 2:30 until they finally called it quits. These two included Greg, great friend from Dublin, and his girlfriend Karen. These two are so cute. Unfortunately they were also planning on leaving today to go back to Dublin...volcano calling...not going to happen. These two love birds are stuck in NY until Friday. It's not the worst place in the world to be stranded, but living a vacationers lifestyle in the city for a week longer than you intended would be a shocker for anyone. The entire weekend everyone ate way too much, drank way too much (not me) and pretty much promised that the next day they would be much better and not indulge at all. Ha! Like that was ever going to happen.

We ate at an American tapas restaurant, which had amazingly delicious food at ridiculously expensive prices. Liam and I kept justifying it by saying that it was our anniversary weekend. I submitted my LRW paper after rereading it about 80 times. It felt weird submitting it early, like I was going to screw something up. I didn't at least as far as I know.

3 more finals to go...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

{PP} Feeling Weird

I'm feeling weird about being pregnant. I'm no longer in full on 24/7 research mode. Other than being tired beyond all imagining and needing to eat pretzels or bland cereal every 2 hours to keep nausea at bay, I'm feeling pretty normal. I haven't told anyone new about the little one, only my hairdresser because I got it done today. It wasn't' exactly thrilling, but I did get my first dose of unwanted advice. She promptly told me that I should stop exercising, especially in the first trimester, that she could tell I was having twins by the way my hair was growing and she could already tell I had a bump. Thanks, thanks for that so much, at 2 months you can tell that I am carrying two huge children inside of me, no tip for you! Maybe the excitement has worn off because as far as I can tell nothing is going on. Previously, I was checking, baby center and all the time, but I'm just waiting for all of the hoopla to begin. I also really really want to tell everyone, but not yet. NOT YET!

Our first Dr. appointment is on Tuesday and that's exciting. We're hoping that everything is a-ok and there haven't seen any signs that it won't be, so I need to swallow this paranoia. I'm turning in my LRW brief after another quick proof read tomorrow and then that's put to bed. NYC for the big anniversary weekend, which will be great. The only thing that makes me sad is the fact that I can't drink. I didn't think I would miss it, but a bottle of cider, a glass of wine, some yummy sangria, only 7 more months...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've finally finished my brief! I finished it a whole 7 days before it's due. I'll be using the next 3 days to proofread, tweak and check my citations. I needed to finish it this early because Liam gets here on Thursday! A whole day early, yay!!! I'm very excited, but super pumped I actually managed to get it done early. We're going to NYC this weekend for our anniversary, so that's another reason this needed to be DONE before he got here. I don't want to scramble in the last few hours while feeling guilty we're not spending time together.

Friday, April 9, 2010

LRW final underway!

It begins today. I have also officially been approved for a transfer to the full-time program. Registration has also begun and I'll be able to take the classes I want for next semester, hopefully! I registered for summer courses, so that's one less thing to have to worry about. In addition to my firm job, I was looking to work at a non-profit for the weeks I'm in here, but wouldn't you know it..they are full up. I can't even give my services away, the main reason, deferred associates are looking for non-profit work to do over the summer. Boo for them ruining my trying-to-help-people objective and screwing up my resume goodness. Oh well, it will just have to wait until pro bono work once I get a job. Other than that, things are going along swimmingly. I have a friend in town this weekend, but I already warned her, she will see me after I've put in at least 6 hours in the library working on my brief. She's cool with that, so we're good. Then it's just working on outlining and the end of the semester will be here before I know it. THANK GOD!

I just keep telling myself, only 66 more weeks of this and I'm done. I just have to get through 70 weeks of class and exams and I can never go back to school again. Is it too early into all of this for me to be thinking this way? Maybe, but that's what I'm working with. Liam is here in a week and I need to be super productive before he gets here...back to work!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

{PP} Constant Nausea

Whenever my stomach is empty I feel like I may vomit at any moment now. Nausea is not fun. It's making it hard to sleep, read, walk, exist. I have a bowl of grapes next to my bed, so I can grab some when I inevitably wake up in the middle of the night with the need to barf. My mom said her morning sickness only lasted 2 weeks. I sure hope I follow her lead. We shall see and hopefully this too shall pass or I'll just try to sleep 20 hours a day.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{PP} Bloodwork done!

I finally got a call back from my student health center Dr. about my blood work. They said it would be 1 week. I started calling them at about 1.5 weeks after and finally this week I had to walk over there and get the number of the Dr. to leave a voicemail message for him to call me back. The whole student health center thing is a huge maze of answering machines that you leave messages on and then they don't return your calls. When you do actually speak to someone and tell them what you want they immediately transfer you to an ANSWERING MACHINE! I sure hope that the OB/GYNs office is a bit better about answering the phone and getting back in a timely manner.

Now I can officially officially say, I'm pregnant. I've got all of my immunities, yay Rubella! We also don't have to worry about any Rh immunity stuff, since I'm a freaking universal recipient! AB+, awesomeness! There are 2 more weeks until my first Dr. appt and Liam will be by my side, which is always a great thing. I'm sure it will just be a lot of paperwork questions and probably more blood work, but it's still exciting.

On the actual business of being pregnant, things are mostly normal. I am nauseous on occasions, usually when I'm hungry. Some things do turn my stomach, tuna fish, the thought of most fried food as well at gooey things. There are times when I'm tired, really tired, like I could sleep for an entire 19 hours tired. Other than these few things, and my missed periods I don't really feel that pregnant. We'll see how long that lasts.

By the way, did you know that the uterus grows to 1,000x it's normal size during the course of pregnancy. 1,000x! I don't think I needed to know that.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

{PP} Queasiness

As I mentioned in my Easter post, it appears that I am having a round about entrance into morning sickness. So far, I haven't thrown up at all. What I have had is that pukey feeling in the back of my throat, where I feel like any second I could puke. Certain smells or tastes make me gag and stay that way for at least a few hours. If I don't eat anything, instead of hunger pangs, I'm feeling puke pangs. My mom says she only had morning sickness for 2 weeks during each pregnancy, so I'm hoping I follow in her foot steps.

Happy Easter!

This morning I woke up to 3 children under the age of 12 shoving an Easter basket in my sleepy face. I took the train up to visit the family for Easter this year. I haven't been back for Easter in about 4 years, so it was a nice treat for them and for me. I received some jelly beans, Snickers chocolate egg (which I almost puked up when I ate it), a few malt eggs (haven't tried eating them yet), a hollow chocolate duck that looks like plastic and the Camelbak water bottle I have been looking for everywhere. Good job, Mom! All in all it was like every Easter I remember from before: good Easter basket, everyone scrambling to get dressed before, 3 hour church service, meal with the whole family there. Some things never change...and back to the grindstone on Monday! :(