Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting Started

I have finally started my paper. I'm halfway through it with about a week to go. I plan on finishing my first draft in the next 2 days. Once I got started things were much better than I thought. Thank god I picked an interesting topic. Class is good. The prof is a pretty chill guy who makes class go by pretty quickly. It's also a lot easier to listen to the playbacks to pick up on things I'm inevitably missing in class. After a few scares, I'm also completely and totally registered. A few surprises sprung up after add/drop was over, like the addition of course requirements that were never mentioned previously, but all problems solved. Now I get to start working at my internship and hopefully not screw it all up too much!

Ziggy is doing great. Still giving me 5-8 hours a night. I think I need to get into the routine thing some more. Playtime, bath, reading a book, bed seems like a good way to go. Does anyone out there have a baby developmental book or site to recommend. I know all babies are different and even after watching all of my cousins grow up you would think I would remember milestone dates, but I don't. When is the general time frame for rolling over, pushing her head up, etc. Speaking of milestones, she slept for her first night in the crib! I brought one side completely down, put it against the bed and slept right next to the side, but I'll take the small victory. Soon I'll edge the side of the crib up and move it further and further from the bed.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Relearning How to Study

My previous method: go to the library for 3-8 hours take a lunch break and then go home and relax. That doesn't work anymore. I get maybe 3 hour chunks tops during the day to get anything done. This time includes, showering, eating, doing laundry, answering emails. There really isn't much time to study, write my papers etc as I have been used to. I'm going to have to rethink this whole thing to get myself back in the game. If I don't figure it out, then law school + baby isn't going to work. And let's just say I would much rather be reading Dr. Suess than international arbitration conventions!

People keep asking me how I'm doing it all. I honestly have no idea. I don't know if I'm doing it all particularly well, but I am doing the mommy-ing to the best of my ability and the rest can get what attention I have left over. Z is such an amazing little kid. She's all smiles during the day. Even when people call her a boy, even when she is dressed all in pink, wrapped in a pink blanket with a full head of adorable curls, she can't help but smile at them. Other than her little cries when she has gas or in the hour before she konks out for the night, her crying is at a minimum. She loves to babble at me and I talk right back. I could just stare at her for hours and I do sometimes. We just sit and stare at one another. I can't help but try to imagine what she's thinking about, how she's feeling being thrown into this crazy world and what a huge responsibility Liam and I share in giving her all the best we can. I still don't think I feel like a mom. I'm not sure what feeling like a mom is supposed to feel like. Enough of all of that and back to writing this paper because I really don't think I could crank out 30 pages overnight like I used to!

Monday, January 24, 2011


Grades in and classes I thought I did well in I BOMBED and the classes that I thought I sucked at were just fine. WTF?! This is seriously depressing and makes me want to just pack up this semester. I can't at this point, but I sure wish I could. And things just seemed to be going so much better. The initial craziness of the semester is over. Z is sleeping for 6-8 hours at night and we've hit a rhythm.

I found an internship for the semester working for the local city council. It should be interesting and get me credit, so that's all I could really hope for. Other than the crushing blow of last semester, I still have a paper due. I need to complete it in the next week or so to get it back in time for a second draft due by Feb 15. I don't know when I will find the time, but I guess it will have to be done. I just really don't feel motivated now. Not one little bit.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Not Dead!

I swear I'm not. Things have been pretty crazy. Between flying, taking the train, driving up and down the East Coast, finishing a short course, trying to secure an internship, and getting registered, I am surprised I know my own name. We have stayed at over 6 places in 2.5 weeks. It seems that Z has taken note of all of this non-baby related craziness and decided she will sleep for between 6-8 hours a night for the past week. Talk about a good kid!

I can't even begin to give a wrap up of the past 4 weeks! It would be incredibly long and drawn out. That said, the rest of the semester will be me figuring out just how I'm doing to be getting to and from school. I don't know if bringing Z with me to school and having someone stay with her for the 2 hours or so I have class per day or leave her with family and be away from her for 10 hours/day. If I take the train, we would be apart for 8 hours. It's still a lot to deal with. The longest I have been away from her is for the 2 hours Liam and I went to see The King's Speech (awesome movie btw). I still can't believe I'm doing this. I keep thinking I should have taken the semester off, but then I know the danger of me continuing school would have dropped off a bit.

In addition to getting things sorted for this semester I am trying to figure out this summer. There are 3 firms I could work for in our town and one that would require me to live in another city for half of the week. Travel between the two cities would only be a 45 min $30 flight away. And since our weekends would be on different days Liam and I would be able to be together 4 days out of the week. The other plus with the flying job is they provide housing, so that wouldn't be an added expense to have to worry about. I'm almost glad there isn't any downtime because I think I would pass out.

I will be updating much more frequently now that all of the craziness will at least be on a schedule!