Sunday, January 30, 2011

Getting Started

I have finally started my paper. I'm halfway through it with about a week to go. I plan on finishing my first draft in the next 2 days. Once I got started things were much better than I thought. Thank god I picked an interesting topic. Class is good. The prof is a pretty chill guy who makes class go by pretty quickly. It's also a lot easier to listen to the playbacks to pick up on things I'm inevitably missing in class. After a few scares, I'm also completely and totally registered. A few surprises sprung up after add/drop was over, like the addition of course requirements that were never mentioned previously, but all problems solved. Now I get to start working at my internship and hopefully not screw it all up too much!

Ziggy is doing great. Still giving me 5-8 hours a night. I think I need to get into the routine thing some more. Playtime, bath, reading a book, bed seems like a good way to go. Does anyone out there have a baby developmental book or site to recommend. I know all babies are different and even after watching all of my cousins grow up you would think I would remember milestone dates, but I don't. When is the general time frame for rolling over, pushing her head up, etc. Speaking of milestones, she slept for her first night in the crib! I brought one side completely down, put it against the bed and slept right next to the side, but I'll take the small victory. Soon I'll edge the side of the crib up and move it further and further from the bed.


  1. Rolling over is around 4 months. Crawling around 6 months. Here's a good timeline:

  2. Touchpoints by T. Berry Brazleton is wonderful. There's a new edition out, and you can find previous editions used at low cost. Also, I highly recommend "Brain Rules for Baby" which is a new book (I don't know if it's in paperback yet or not). I wish I'd had it all along for P!

  3. Second on Touchpoints -- I have an older edition from Clownfish. Must go dig out of the bookshelf for AF...

    I also got the American Acad of Pediatrics Birth to 5 book. They tend to be really conservative with the milestones.

  4. Actually, do you want my Touchpoints 0-3 and my What to Expect The Toddler Years books? P has aged out of them and blogging connections should always result in a few free books. (Mine have - pay it forward!)

  5. @ E.H. Thanks! E.H. I would take you up on it, but it would take forever to get to me. I might check and see if there is a kindle version that I could download. Glad to know there is a good guide out there.

    @Michael, I'm getting there. Slowly but surely!

    @BFF I'll be sure to check out the American Acad of Pediatrics as well.

    @PT, all over, just checked it out. It was a nice quick guide.