Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chugging Right Along

In comparison to last year, this year is downright boring. I'm baking again, while Z sleeps, completing my reading, and getting ready for the onslaught at the end of the semester. I think that perhaps the indescribable craziness that was the first 6 weeks of Z's life has put a lot into perspective and made a lot of things seem a bit easier. I'm not looking forward to my two weekend classes coming up next month, but I'm going to have my grandmom come to the City with me to watch Z. This stops my separation anxiety from going into overdrive and gets her out of the house. So far, my life has been baby time and reading. It has also been preparing for my eventual return to my hubby.

Over there getting a job isn't just about a call for references, it's about police clearances, diploma certification, medical testing, and all kinds of fun things like that. The good thing is I can get a head start on all of this while I'm in the U.S. It is amazing how different countries care about totally different things. In the States, the transcript is all that matters, your diploma is just a pretty piece of paper that you hang on your wall. Over there, diploma is it. No one cares about your transcript, they want that huge oddly sized document written in Latin that you have to dig out of your mom's basement or in my case order a replacement. Getting my law degree certified will be a lot easier than my undergrad diploma for the simple reason that I'll know where it is!

Then I had the added decision of changing my name. I haven't legally changed my name after I got married. I planned on doing it, but travel plans made it impossible because of the need for tickets and passports to have the exact same name. My law school will only issue the diploma in the name at graduation, so if I changed it after graduation there would be the whole process of proving that I am the person who earned it. Does anyone out there go by one name at work and another at home? How does that actually work? Do all of your documents have one name and you just have people call you your married name or do you have a mixture of documents with both names?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Long Weekend!!

It's so great to get to a Sunday and realize that tomorrow is not a school day. It's almost as good as a snow day. Z is getting bigger and bigger everyday. You can get her to smile at just about anything. If she's crying and you smile at her, she will stop crying long enough to smile back. Such a little sweetie! I'm not looking forward to starting my internship in 2 weeks for the simple reason that I will have to be away from her for more than 8 hrs a day.

As far as school goes, I'm ahead in my reading by a few weeks and starting to form an outline. It seems that having a baby while in school might make me less of a procrastinator. It could also be that things are more interesting this semester.

Random topic: I can't stop making crepes. Breakfast lunch and dinner. Egg, cheese, bacon for breakfast; turkey and cheese for lunch; chicken, tomato, cheese, lettuce for dinner and nutella for dessert.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

An offer rolls in

So it looks like I'll be in Germany this summer and into the fall. I'll be working for a large firm there and studying abroad in the fall. Getting the job at the firm was a pretty big shock. They have offices all over and hopefully this will lead to something after graduation. Even if I don't end up working for this having the name on my resume will certainly help. This has reinvigorated me about this whole school thing. :D I was certainly starting to feel a bit down about the job situation and whether or not I was putting my family through unnecessary stress for no reason.

I'm a little worried about leaving Z for long periods of time, but that's going to be the way it is. She wakes up between 6 and 7 and goes to bed at 9 or 10. If I'm working the usual hours then I might not be getting home until 8 or 9 meaning I'm only going to be seeing her a couple hours a day. We're trying to convince my grandmother to come over and stay with me for at least half the time I'll be there. Liam will come over for a couple of weeks and then we'll be able to find a babysitter. Once I'm in school there, she can enroll in the university daycare. I still can't believe that I'm more than halfway through school. Next year feels like it is going to fly by. This semester I only have 2 finals, and 2 papers to get through. This feels doable, now I must finish the second draft of my paper, T-48 hours and counting!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Confined to the recliner

Out of nowhere I'm laid up with some crazy back issues. One second I'm cleaning shrimp over the sink the next I'm kneeling on the ground in front of the sofa trying to entertain Z b/c I can't hold her. I just prayed she would go to sleep, which she did. Then I cried, crawled to the kitchen to get some Mortin and laid down on the sofa. This is going to be the motivation I needed to get up from bed and to the night feed in the rocking chair. I'm generally hunched over while sitting on the bed, well that's not going to work anymore. Here's to hoping for another 6-7 hours of sleeping tonight for the little one, so I can rest. The good thing about being stuck in the chair is that I am forced to work on the re-writes of my paper. Trying to look at the upside here. Gotta love hot water bottles and rice in a sock heated up in a microwave!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finished my paper!!!

I just finished my paper, saved it, saved it to an external hard drive and then emailed it to myself. No taking chances with that one. I'm taking the rest of the day off and I'll being proofreading tomorrow. If all goes to plan this first draft will be turned in by Friday night. Hopefully I'll get my feedback by Monday and I'll have a full week to work on the second draft. I may even treat myself to a drink tonight. What a relief!! It's not as long as it could be, but it meets the requirements and I'm sure I'll be adding some things in during my rewrites.

As a person who lives off of the energy of last minute deadlines (finished all of my final papers (20-30 pagers) during undergrad the night before they were due) I'm surprised I was able to pull it together. I actually had the best grades that semester, go figure. Glad that working on progress over a non-pressured amount of time worked out. Now I can focus on my reading for class and just hanging with Z without the pressure of AHHHHHH I HAVE A PAPER DUE!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This morning Z entertained herself for a full 20 minutes by talking to her new mobile. I appreciated it for about 5 minutes before I got to work. I'm about 800 words from the end of my paper now. It's a slough, but I'm getting through. I'm glad Z is helping me out with getting it done. Let's hope that she'll nap for a nice long time today, so I can finish this whole thing up. Then it's time to proof tomorrow, turn in the first draft and wait for the changes and finish this whole thing up in a couple of weeks! After that I can really start to focus on my other classes. Things have certainly settled down from mid-January. No longer traipsing up and down the East Coast other than getting to and from school has helped a lot. I have to say that I'm getting a lot better at managing all of the things required for traveling with an infant. I can't believe some people don't leave the house until this point with their babies! Back to the paper, must complete this paper in the next 3 hours.