Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chugging Right Along

In comparison to last year, this year is downright boring. I'm baking again, while Z sleeps, completing my reading, and getting ready for the onslaught at the end of the semester. I think that perhaps the indescribable craziness that was the first 6 weeks of Z's life has put a lot into perspective and made a lot of things seem a bit easier. I'm not looking forward to my two weekend classes coming up next month, but I'm going to have my grandmom come to the City with me to watch Z. This stops my separation anxiety from going into overdrive and gets her out of the house. So far, my life has been baby time and reading. It has also been preparing for my eventual return to my hubby.

Over there getting a job isn't just about a call for references, it's about police clearances, diploma certification, medical testing, and all kinds of fun things like that. The good thing is I can get a head start on all of this while I'm in the U.S. It is amazing how different countries care about totally different things. In the States, the transcript is all that matters, your diploma is just a pretty piece of paper that you hang on your wall. Over there, diploma is it. No one cares about your transcript, they want that huge oddly sized document written in Latin that you have to dig out of your mom's basement or in my case order a replacement. Getting my law degree certified will be a lot easier than my undergrad diploma for the simple reason that I'll know where it is!

Then I had the added decision of changing my name. I haven't legally changed my name after I got married. I planned on doing it, but travel plans made it impossible because of the need for tickets and passports to have the exact same name. My law school will only issue the diploma in the name at graduation, so if I changed it after graduation there would be the whole process of proving that I am the person who earned it. Does anyone out there go by one name at work and another at home? How does that actually work? Do all of your documents have one name and you just have people call you your married name or do you have a mixture of documents with both names?


  1. I didn't change my last name until I graduated from law school. My law school diploma was the first official document to showcase my new married name. I really like my husband's last better "professional" last name. That was one name. It's a lot easier to say and spell than my maiden name-- which, I thought, made it a reason I wanted to change it. I only waited so long because I was lazy.

  2. See, my husband's last name and mine aren't that different. His is 1 letter longer and marginally more difficult to spell. I'll have to see if I could get my stuff together to change it.