Sunday, February 6, 2011

Confined to the recliner

Out of nowhere I'm laid up with some crazy back issues. One second I'm cleaning shrimp over the sink the next I'm kneeling on the ground in front of the sofa trying to entertain Z b/c I can't hold her. I just prayed she would go to sleep, which she did. Then I cried, crawled to the kitchen to get some Mortin and laid down on the sofa. This is going to be the motivation I needed to get up from bed and to the night feed in the rocking chair. I'm generally hunched over while sitting on the bed, well that's not going to work anymore. Here's to hoping for another 6-7 hours of sleeping tonight for the little one, so I can rest. The good thing about being stuck in the chair is that I am forced to work on the re-writes of my paper. Trying to look at the upside here. Gotta love hot water bottles and rice in a sock heated up in a microwave!

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  1. This happened to me, too! About a month after B was born, bam! my back went out. I was told that it was no abdominal muscles + stress = hideous pain. Icing my lower back (I got scolded for using heat because of something something something physical therapy reasons), a visit to the chiropractor, and then deep runner's lunges (once I could move without crying) put me back together. I have to keep doing the lunges most days until I get my muscles back.

    The lunge that worked the best for me was one where you start in regular lunge (hands on the ground), then move your forward foot to the outside of your hand. Try to relax your hips and upper body as you bend your arms and deepen the stretch in your back and hips. (I'm sure there's a yoga video online somewhere for this). Eventually you may get your arms and forehead down to the ground.

    Ugh. So sorry you're going through this - I really think the back pain was about as painful as labor was.