Sunday, February 20, 2011

Long Weekend!!

It's so great to get to a Sunday and realize that tomorrow is not a school day. It's almost as good as a snow day. Z is getting bigger and bigger everyday. You can get her to smile at just about anything. If she's crying and you smile at her, she will stop crying long enough to smile back. Such a little sweetie! I'm not looking forward to starting my internship in 2 weeks for the simple reason that I will have to be away from her for more than 8 hrs a day.

As far as school goes, I'm ahead in my reading by a few weeks and starting to form an outline. It seems that having a baby while in school might make me less of a procrastinator. It could also be that things are more interesting this semester.

Random topic: I can't stop making crepes. Breakfast lunch and dinner. Egg, cheese, bacon for breakfast; turkey and cheese for lunch; chicken, tomato, cheese, lettuce for dinner and nutella for dessert.

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